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Re: "KEzhvAnam.."

From: u v s ramgopal (
Date: Tue Dec 22 1998 - 20:49:01 PST

Dear devotees,
Hare krishna.  Let me introduce myself first to all the devotees in this bhakti email group.  I am Ramgopal freind of V. Srimahavishnu in IIT Kanpur  I am doing my masters degree in Chemical engineering 
here.  I am very much associated with ISKCON and its teachings to the world.  Without the mercy of Vaisnavas and pure devotee, no time exists in the creation of Lord and hence I pay my obesiances to all the devotees in this group.  Let me offer my obesiances to all the devotees.  The devotees heart is the heart where the consciousness lead by the paramatma feature of the lord is revealing the inner and inner philosophical points of bhakti.  Hence, I pay my obesiances to all the great devotees involved in this massive mission of spreading the holy name of the Lord.

Yours most humble servant
hare krishna

hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare
hare mrama hare rama rama rama hare hare
On Wed, 23 Dec 1998 09:36:11   A. Bharat wrote:
>SrI RAma is camping on the seashore before proceeding
>to Lanka and suddenly VibhIshaNa appears in the sky
>with four rAkshasas requesting admission.SugrIva as
>the commander of SrI RAma's army while reporting this
>incident to the Lord,makes a fervent plea to finish
>him off as an undesirable intruder.SrI RAma then asks
>the others also to advise him as they are all extremely
>capable intelligent wellwishers (suhrdA..budhimatA satA
>samarthEna..).While replying they tell him,"There is
>nothing in the three worlds that is unknown to you; but
>while being fully aware, you are asking us to advice you,
>calling us your friends,
>  <AtmAnam mAnayan> "
>You are intending to give us credit for advising you.You
>are thereby establishing that you treat us as your friends.
>While giving us credit you are also getting credit from
>the world for your <saulabhya> and <sauSIlya> that the
>greatest person in the universe is equating Himself with
>an ordinary mortal.
>Why does the Lord do it ? Because He wants to be one of
>us.He wants to make us equate ourselves with him and
>treat him like a familiar.Like a grandfather seriously
>asking his grandchild to advise him.It also serves another
>basic purpose.He is the SEshI (Lord) and we are His
>SEshabhUtas(servants).A servant's Being itself is
>dependent on his service <nAkinchit-kurvatah
> SEshatvam> .    What service can we do to a
>Lord who is Supreme and has everything (avApta-samasta-
>kAma)? So in our own interest He creates artificial
>opportunities for us to serve Him.He sits there helplessly
>in the archA form waiting for us to bathe and clothe and
>protect Him.
>So too in today's pASuram "keezhvAnam",said Sri BhoovarAhA-
>chAriAr in his discourse on TiruppAvai,there is a girl who
>is a special favorite of KrishNa .She has apparently not
>got up and the others come to wake her.They say,"We know
>that you are more partial to the BhAgavatas than to the
>Lord Himself; and in fact that is the reason He gives you
>a special place in His heart.And today you're demonstrating
>your liking for us by waiting to be awakened by us.That
>would give us the credit(taram) in the eyes of the world.
>And you are doing it deliberately for the good of our Being
>(nAngaL sattai peruvadarkAga),just as the Lord does it with
>His devotees,and RAma did it with His army leaders on the
>It is the vAtsalyam of the PirATTI and the Lord which gives
>sustenance to our being.
>EmberumAnAr TiruvaDigaLE SaraNam!

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