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madappALLi sampradAyam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Dec 22 1998 - 15:30:42 PST

Dear BhakthAs :
Sri Rengarajan's posting is most welcome and timely
to understand the significance of MadapaLLI vantha MaNam .
Sri Rengarajan also described the exemplary Kaimkaryam
that AchArya RaamAnujA did for Sri RanganathA every day .
I will cover in this posting a day of AchArya RaamAnujA
at Srirangam in service to the divya dampathis .
>From: "Sampath Rengarajan" <> (
>Subject: madappALLi sampradAyam 

>     Sri  Udayavar (Sri Ramanujar) was performing kOil  kaimkaryam
>as ordained by periya perumAL Sri RanganAthar. The way in which he
>performed  such kaimkrayams was a precedent not only for  practice
>by  the  generation  to come but also for his contemporaries.  (ie
>those  who  were present during his time were also  learning  from
>such).  He  will not allow even a small mistake to happen  in  the
>nitya  kaimkaryam. If such must occur he will immediately  correct
>those  who  committed such mistakes and make them  do  it  in  the
>proper  way.  (in tamil, it is said as "thirutthip paNi  koLvAr").