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thirup pAvai - part 9 - brahma muhoorttham

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Tue Dec 22 1998 - 05:55:57 PST

Dear bAgawathAs,                        mArgazhi sravanam day 7
                                        4:45 AM

mArgazhi - brahma muhoorththam

ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

     Each year of  jivAtmAs  are one day for  dEvAs.  The month of
"thai", also  referred as  uththirAyaNa  puNNiya  kaalam, is their
(devas)  soorya  uthayam  or  sunrise.  From  then the  period  of
uththirAyaNam   runs for 6 months for us the "boolOga vaasis"  and 
such is their (devas) pagal or day time.   The  dakshinAyanam from 
"Aadi" to mArgazhi  is  their  night  time.   Thus  the  month  of 
"mArgazhi"  which  is  prior  to  their  "day  break" or "sunrise" 
(uththirAyanam)  itself becomes the brahma  muhoorththam  for them 
(devas).  The para dEva arAdhani that is done during this  predawn 
time  (mArgazhi) is most desirable  for them.   i.e., the  prayers  
of all the devas  and as well as thriLoka vaasis are all done this 
time and our prayers are enhanced  in  the   company  of   prayers  
of Devas as well.  All the  prayers  done  in this unique time are  
focussed on the Lord like a laser beam  awakening  HIM to bless us.  
In fact there is a custom in Tamil Nadu  that  no  marriages  will 
be  celebrated in this month of  mArgazhi.  *One  of  the  reason*  
cited is that by doing  so it seems one  will disturb the devas in their 
poojas by bringing them and the Lord to attend the  marriage.  There  
are other  shAstric reasons as well for this.

     According  to Sri peria  vaachchan  pillai this custom of pre
dawn bath in mArgazhi and praying to the Lord parama  purushan and
seeking HIS  blessings and  prosperity  is a custom, that had been
followed by tradition from time to time immemorial.  As similar to
AzhwAr's  aruLich cheyal Sri PVPillai's  vyAkyAnams also have deep
meanings.  When he said time  immemorial,  it is  understood  that
this  nOnbu or  thirup  pAvai is beyond  the unit of time and is a
sambhandam (association) of jivAtmA  and  paramAtma  and such that 
"thirup pAvai" is eternal, (parama kAvyam - 6000 padi) and appears 
in every yugam, and  When the  Lord  created  Brahma  the  unit of 
time  was not created  then, in  such brahma  muhoorththam. ie the 
reference for the metric "time" starts with respect to this punnya
kAlam as derived from these. 

In  ancient  tamil custom, the day is accounted from sunrise only.  ie.,  
the  time  for  the  day  is  accounted   from sunrise only.  
Similarly as per certain calendars, the birth or shrusti  of  the  
unit  or the  fourth dimension  known as time is also  assumed as 
the  beginning of the incarnation  of  sooryan  known  as  soorya   
uthayam.  Hence  our  mArgazhi  which is the brahma  muhoorththam  
for devas is prior to even time and is time immemorial. Our 44 th
Jeer (Srirangam Sri Raja Gopuram)  mentioned  in  his   vyAkyAnam  
that  is  also  known  as soobOthinee,  that  the  thanur  maasya  
(maargazhi  month)  thiru arAdhanai is to be done prior to soorya  
uthayam   (prior  to  sun rise)  as per "shAsthram".  It  is also 
conceived that since all the dEvAs are engaged in  their  prayers
on  the  Lord,  this  is  probably the only time duration in this 
month  that we can disturb them when address them and  call  them  
in  this month.

          This period is also called as muhoorttha kAlam  (brahma
muhoorttham) especially because we the jivAtmAs seek  our "union" 
(marriage with HIM)  through  this  "thirup pAvai nOnbu" known as 
"saranAgathi" as guided by Sri ANDAL.

ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarjan

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