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thirup pAvai - part 6 - vyAkyAnams

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Mon Dec 21 1998 - 04:12:23 PST

Dear Bhaagavathaas,                                        5:00 AM
                                                    mArgazhi day 6

Thiruppaavai has many major vyakhyaanms written on it -
moovayira ppadi (3000p padi) by periyavachchaan piLLai
aaraayira ppadi (6000p padi ) by azhagiya maNavaaLap perumaaL 
eeraayira  ppadi  and  nalaayira ppadi (2000p padi, 4000p padi) by 
aayjanany achaariaar.

In addition to that, numerous aachaaryaas have written svaapadEsha
vyaakhyaanams on thiruppaavai.  (aay jananyaachaariaar - 4000ppadi 
svaapadEsa  vyaakhyaanam,  the  first  vaana maa malai    jeeyar's 
svaapadEsha vyaakhyaanam etc..)

         Sri Azhagiya Singar has delivered SubhOdini a terse tamil 
vyAkyAnam fully immersed in   Sri Krishna  bhakthi.  Sri Utthamoor
swami has delivered a vyAkyAnam for thirup  pAvai. (will write  on
this later). Sri Srinivasa iyengar, (putthur) father of Sri Sudars
anam Iyengar has written an excellent vyAkyAnam. There are so many 
others who have written vyAkyAnams in  this century. One person is 
writing a 5000 pasurams simply for the thirup pAvai vyAkyAnams. It 
may be released soon in  this or   early  part  of  next  century.  
There  are  vyAkyAnams  in  telugu  that our  achAryAs  themsleves 
have delivered. "Solli mAlAthu". ie., I cannot simply  write about 
all  vyAkyAnams  in  one  post.  There  are   so many. To the best 
understanding of several tamil scholars, this is  the  only  tamil 
literature that has so  many  vyAkyAnams  delivered.  It is itself 
enough  to  speak  for  the  glory and importance of thirup  pAvai. 

There is an ardent Srivaishnava from Srivilliputthur by name   Sri
Srivilliputthur Villi Swami. He was blessed by  ANDAL  herself  in
person and he delivered a nool called "ANDAL Chandra kalA  mAlai".
ie., While ANDAL was garlanding mAlai for perumal, this Sri Vaish
navAL made a garland or mAlai for ANDAL and adorned her holy feet.
(adiyEn will write a separate part on this nool).

All we are trying to do, (even though we are in no  way  qualified 
to do these things) is to bring  out the thirup pAvai sampradaayam 
to those who are not lucky  enough   to  have  the  vyaakhyaams or 
kAlakshEbams bAgyAms to get started  in  thirup pAvai anubavam  so 
that they can go out to obtain these  vyAkyAnams  and reach out to 
AchAryAs and attempt to learn at their ponnadi.  We try to proivde 
some  "ruchi"  such   that  one  may  go  out  and  seek  the rich 
kAlakshEabams from AchAryAs.

In  addition  to  the vyaakhyaaams, we are going to quote directly 
from the interpretations of the  thiruppaavai  upanyaasams  of the 
current  aachaaryaas.  If  all  we do in the next few weeks is  to quote 
from those upanyaasams, then that in itself will be a  worth
while endeavour. But we have to follow Sri bagwath niyamanam as  a
guideline and take whatever is referred by any kAlakshEbams  about
this specific anubavams prompted by sri bagwath niyamanam.

          We hope that you all will bear with our going beyond our 
limitations  and  our  being  unqualified  to  even  touch   these 
vyaakhyaanams. Our only goal is to bring out the anubavams and its
relvant referrences from   vyaakhyaanams and  upanyaasams  to  the group 
so that bhaagavathaas who  are not fortunate enough  to have 
them will get an opportunity to experience them. We hope that this 
will prompt all of us into going back to our  aachaaryaas for more 
upanyaasams. Ultimately, we hope that our primary mode of learning 
will be directly listening to copies of the  upanyaasams   of  our 

This was originally  posted in a joint effort with adiyEn  by  Sri  
Varadhan and now modified with more references and added by adiyEn. 

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri Boomi dEvi samEtha Sri Oppiliappan thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri ANDAL samEtha Sri vadpathra sAyee perumAL thiru vadikaLE 
Sampath Rengarajan
note: I request bAgawathAs to please read the thaniyans parts from 
the archives. We intend to move to the pAsuram with brief touch on what 
was posted on  1st pAsuram. Thaniyans - part (old 6), 7.

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