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Sri Anbil Ramaswamy's kind note

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Dec 20 1998 - 18:39:55 PST

Dear BhagavathAs :

It is very thoughtful of Sri Anbil Swamin
to  respond generously to my queries and help
clear the air . His yeoman service to the cause of
promoting the goals and objectives of our vibrant 
sampradhAyam is very much appreciated by myself , 
Sri Rengarajan as fellow office bearers of Swami
Desika Darsana Sathsangam and SaraNAgathi Journal. 
Many fellow members have equal respect for his 
scholarship and the special insights he brings to
bear on the various aspects of our venerable 
sampradhAyam .

Let us get this incident behind us and encourage 
all the members to come forward and participate 
in these discussions for sharpening our perceptions,
understandings and practise of the rich traditions 
handed to us as our kula dhanams and reinforce the 
vital network of connections with our respective 
AchArya paramparais . Our AchAryAs would like nothing 
more joyous to hear about . 

Let us celebrate the richness and diversity of
talents of this very special group unmmatched 
in its studiousness , talent and intensity to learn 
about this hoary and noble sampradhAyam .Through
the many private mails I receive , I begin to get
a glimpse of the heritage and achivements of 
individual members and their illustrious families 
and I consider myself fortunate to be a part 
of this extraordinary group . 

Let us continue to cherish every member as 
a family member inspite of the occasional spats/
misunderstandings resulting from the imperfections
of electronic media as a communicatiing tool . 
Scholars like Sri Anbil Swamin with enormous 
achievements in Loukikam and Vaidhikam are rare 
and he should continue to bless us 
with his rich knowledge of our venerable 
Bhagavadh RaamAnuja SiddhAntham and correct 
us , where our understanding is not satisfactory .
This is a service that he is uniquely gifted to do
and we all would continue to benefit a great deal from 
that invaluable help and kaimkaryam as directed by
his AchAryAs for our benefit .This is no mukha
Sthuthi . He surely has a lot to offer to this
community of BhakthAs devoted to enhance their
kaimkarya Sri to Sriman NaarAyaNA and His BhagavathAs 
and at the dame time to strengthen their AchArya
Sambhandham .  

Subhamasthu ,
Daasanu Dasan , V.Sadagopan