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Date: Sun Dec 20 1998 - 10:28:24 PST

Dear Bhagavatas,

I am deeply sorry if an incorrect impression was conveyed by my observations
in Tiruppavai Part 2. They were a kind of introspection on my own deficiency
in conveying the full import of the multidimensional interpretations of the
Srisooktis of Nachiyar. I was really daunted by the informational explosion in
the Anubhavams and Nirvahams of Acharyas and Bhagavatas that I was trying to
express my own inadequacy.

Let me make it clear that it was not meant as a reflection on anyone and
definitely not on our dear Sri Rangarajan and Sri Sadagopan for whom I have
the highest regard for  blessing us with profound and deep insights into the
various aspects of our Siddhantam in general and Srisooktis of Acharyas and
Divya Prabandhams of Alwars with mind boggling spontaneity and astounding
clarity. I am deeply indebted to them for all the help they have been
rendering and I have always considered it a great privilege to work with them.

A careful reading of my observations would reveal that they were not meant to
say that anyone is posting only superficial meanings. It is an expression of
my wish that I should not present the obvious meanings. In fact, I have
mentioned that because my absorption is zero and my memory power is sub zero,
that I cannot claim to offer any better presentation than others and the
readers have to put up with any perfunctory presentation that I may be able to

In this background, as I took bold to write on the opening verse, "Margazhi
Thingal". I happened to visit Bhakti archives of December 97 and January 98. I
was amazed to see that our dear Rangarajan has posted as many as 20 articles
on just this one Pasuram. The depth of his study of Tamil grammar (especially
with reference to etymology) and Tamil literature (Ilakkanam and Ilakkiyam)
comes through every line he has written. 

I would invite every one of you to visit the above archives and enjoy the
Thiru Ullam of Nachiar as presented by him. When I contacted him to convey my
appreciation, he mentioned with his characteristic modesty that he could post
only 20 and that he has yet to post 10 more to complete this one Pasuram. 

I earnestly request Sri Rangarajan to complete not only this Pasuram but also
continue to favor us with his valuable postings on the rest of Tiruppavai,
even if it should take several months. I look forward to his obliging us in
this regard. I feel it is the right time for me to make way for the real feast
he will be providing. May Godha Piraatti's blessings be on him and on all of

After seeing his masterly exposition, I feel it would be presumptuous on my
part to continue with my pedestrian and lame duck presentation of ramblings
based on some vague remembrance of what I have heard a long time ago. If I had
seen the archives earlier, I would not have ventured on this effort at all.

I understand that my writing has caused an unintended offence to Bhagavatas. I
sincerely beg their forgiveness for my lack of expression and as a self-
inflicted atonement for my indiscretion, I would remain a silent listener from
now on.
Thank you all for the encouragement you have given to me so far and I will
forever treasure your indulgence.

Anbil Ramaswamy