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Sri.Sadagopan's views

From: sudarshan (
Date: Sun Dec 20 1998 - 09:14:05 PST

Dear members,

Sri.Sadgopan writes:

"But the effect of all these kalakshEpams has 
to lead to the encouragement of others to participate in
the spirit of " kUdi Irunthu kuLirnthOrempAvAi "
and not to shut them out ..."


"it is most enjoyable to
read the SvAnubhavams of Sri Rengarajan...".

Speaking for myself and myself alone, I cannot agree more with the above

I have said it before and I repeat now, one of the most attractive things
about the "bhakti-list" is that it is an utterly uninhibited, fetter-free
forum where any person ("fish"?), with even half-interest in the subject of
SriVaishnavism, can come and air his views, free of the dread of committing
some undefined, unpardonable "apachAram" or other....

Most of us are rank "students" and "amateurs" of Sri.Vaishnavism and
Vaishnavite faith..... and typical of students everywhere some of our views
and "svAnubhavams" may come across, now and then, as naive, wooly,
half-baked, irreverent, flippant and ... sometimes, as in my own case
perhaps.... "verbose", "dangerously experimental" and "purely

Yet I enjoy it all thoroughly.... even when there are bloomers, gaffes and
goofs galore... and believe me I have myself made some of the biggest ones!
But so what? We are just a simple "cyber-community" of Vaishnavas ....let's
not flatter ourselves by arrogating the status of a "vidvat sadas" to our
group where every word spoken must measure up to the exacting standards of
a Srimad.Azhagiya-singar, Andavan Swami or Jeer ! For God's sake, why
should we take ourselves so seriously? 

Amidst all the din and noise of the "list" there is still one refreshing
and unfading thing that comes shining through at all times... and that is
the patent enthusiasm of the "bhakti" members, young and old alike, for the
several subjects discussed... isn't it?

Now anything said on the list that is likely to be destructive of that
spirited enthusiasm would be very unfortunate. Some of the contributors to
the list are very,very young indeed... why should they be frightened off...
can't seniors (who are really most revered members) please show a little
indulgence, please? You could of course feel free always to correct,
clarify or lead us down the correct way...

Please carry on Sri.Sempath Rengarajan with your "tiruppAvai" posts..... I
quite enjoy your discursive posts.

adiyEn dAsAnu-dAsan,