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From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Dec 19 1998 - 19:26:40 PST

Dear Sri Anbil Swami :

I very much regret to write these few words.
I find the following remarks by yourself 
very offensive .Not every one has your BhAgyam.
But the effect of all these kalakshEpams has 
to lead to the encouragement of others to participate in
the spirit of " kUdi Irunthu kuLirnthOrempAvAi "
and not to shut them out .Putting others down 
should not be an end message .with your depth of connections 
to AchAryAs , You should set an example and lead us .
Sri Rengarajan 's postings on ThiruppAvai 
are welcomed by many , whose mother tongue is
not Tamil ; further , many of us do not have 
the depth of understanding that you have for
Divya Prabhandhams and it is most enjoyable to
read the SvAnubhavams of Sri Rengarajan . It is also
fair to say that there are other forums and lists ,
where deeper research on the nirvAhams can 
be posted and appreciated . 

Daasan , V.Sadagopan    

>Dear Bhagavatas,

>In this series, we do not propose to state the superficial / obvious meanings
>which anyone with a basic knowledge of Tamil would be able to make out. 


>In the absence of long years of deep and devoted study of the multi-
>dimensional import of the various expressions at the feet of qualified
>Acharyas, any attempt at a translation or naive but short talk in a foreign
>language can at best be truncated, dull, insipid and perfunctory and will fall
>far short of even a modicum of the spirit of the originals. 
>Of course, for those who have not had this opportunity, anything dished out
>would be welcome because literally 'anything is fish that comes to the net'.
This is the most offensive pasage that I have come across in a long time .

>Even though, I had such a Bhagyam of listening to various Acharyas'
>Kalakshepams, my absorption is zero and my memory power subzero, due perhaps
>to my age. For these reasons, I cannot claim to offer any better
>presentation than what others have been contributing.
In India or here ? Please be specific ! >

>Anbil Ramaswamy