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Re: Gothram
Date: Sat Dec 19 1998 - 10:47:25 PST

Dear Bhagavathas,

This is my aLiL kainkaryam to the subject of Gothram which
most of us remember, even if we forget our grand parents

My dad  authored a book in Kannada entitled
Sree saTamarSHaN samBhavara aajaanasiddha mahimae
(published by Sri Brahmatantra Parakala Mata, Bangalore in May 1976).
To this book , a brief introduction was provided by
Sri Ranga Priya Swami (Sri Varadadeshikacharya
or  HSV, as we referred to him when he was our 
Sanskrit teacher in National College, Bangalore).
Here is my earnest attempt at word to word translation 
of HSV's introduction (munnuDi).

"naaTHopagnam pravrittam", 
"pitaamahasyaapi pitaamahaaya.." ,. Sayings such as these
remind us of Srivaishnavas respect & debt  to (naadhamini,
aaLavandar, periyathirumalai nambi..) aachaaryas born of the 
shaTamarshana lineage. 
Even beyond those, there are many others of this lineage 
who have contibuted to preserving and propogating the 
tradition and philosophy of Srivaishnavism. Thus, the current
undertaking of this book by Sri Krishna Tatachar indeed is as 
appropriate as the saying " gurum prakaashayeth dHEmAn".

MahAtmAs filled with Jnanam, pratibha, pAndityam, sadAchAram 
abound in all Gothrams. Because after all Isn't  every gOthram 
 a branch or a sub branch of the tree parabrahma rishi kalpa vriksham as
elaborated in the sayings below?
"ya imAvishwA BhuvanAni juhvadRisHirhOtA"
"muniyE nAmmahanE"
We earnestly hope that the present rendring on  the glory of 
Sree sHaTamarsHaNa gOthram is a rendering to every other 
gOthra Rishis as well.
(translation concludes)

It would appear form HSV's brief words that  gOthram, 
is as universal as the Sruitis, the Sun, the Stars, the Grahams 
and the Moon- not just Hindu, Indian, Aryan or Dravidian.
 Such is the immensity of the Sanatana Dharmam. 
Of course, this would not take away our rights to limit the limitless.
In one Puja celebration, I noticed one priest using 
Siva gothram or Hari gothram in connection with the 
so called agothris (never knew their gothram) or 
agnata gothris (forgot their gothram)!

About the Rishis associated with gothra rishis, the number
is generally 3 and at times 5. For shaTamarshana gOthram
the three Rishis are: angirasar, paurakutsa and trasadasyu.
Angiras is father of shaTamarshana - all the three Rishis are
found in the Vedas. The other 2  Pravara Rishis also  may be part of 
the Angirasar lineage.


K. Sreekrishna Tatachar