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Sri Hanumantha Jayanthi

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Dec 18 1998 - 20:00:38 PST

Dear BhagavathAs :

Sri Anbil Swamy's comprehensive posting on Sri AnjanEyA 
has covered in an engaging and beautiful manner 
His mahimai .I must confess that I had forgotten 
that today is Hanumath Jayanthi and Sri Anbil Swamy's 
posting was a timely reminder .I hasten to add 
my humble tribute in a complimentary 
manner a la Saint ThyagarAja  SwamigaL
and Sri Purandara Daasar .

The key aspect of AnjanEyA's glory is as 
a Raama Bhaktha par excellence .Great 
Raama BhakthAs like Saint ThyagarAjA have 
saluted HanumAn's Raama Bhakthi and wanted
to emulate Him .

On this occasion , I would like to share with 
You the two krithis of Saint ThyagarAjA saluting 
Sri AnajnEyA's Raama Bhakthi and Kaimkaryam .
One is set in RaagA vasanathavarALi ( Paahi Raama 
DhUtha ) and the other is in Raagam Purna Lalitha 
( KalugunA ) .They cover the svarUpa , GuNa lakshaNams of 
this great Raama BhakthA , Sri AnjanEyA .
They are set in beautiful Sanskrit vAkhyams ,
although Saint ThyagarAjA composed mostly in Sundara Telengu , 
a highly sanskritized version of colloquial Telegu .

VasanthavarALi krithi

Palalvi: Paahi Raama dhUtha 
JagathprANa KumAra ! maam (paahi)

Anupallavi : vAhinisataraNa!Dasavadhana sUnutanuharaNa ! 

CharaNam 1: 
taruNAruNa vadhanAbhja tapana kOti SankAsa !
Karadhrutha Raguvara SucharaNa ! kalimalAbhra gandhavAha !

CharaNam 2: 
goOrAsuravAraannidhi kumbhatanaya krutha Kaarya !
PaarijAtha TarunivAsa ! Pavana Tulya vEgha !

CharaNam 3:
Paadha Vijitha dhushta graha! Pathitha lOka paavana!
vEda saasthra nipuNavarya ! Vimala chitha sathatham !

CharaNam 4:
KaruNArasa paripUrNa ! KaanchanAdhri SamadEha!
PARAMA BHAAGAVATHA VARENYA ! Varadha ! ThyagarAjanutha !

This krithi is like a Archanaa for
Sri AnajnEyA . Just as the Nattai pancharathnam ,
JagadhAnandhakAraka is linked together as the 
AshtOthra Satha NaamAvaLi starting with (praNavam )
JagadhAnandhakAraakaya Nama: , (PraNavam ) JaanakI
PrANa nAthAya nama ;  et al , this krithi can also 
be considered as a limited Vimsathi (20) nAmAvaLi 
for the use of AnjanEya BhakthAs :

Pallavi NaamAs (2)

1. Raama dhUthAya nama: ( Salutations to the messenger
of Sri RaamachandrA )

2. JagathprANa KumArAya nama:( Salutations to the son
of the mukhya PrANan of the world ; the reference is
to the incident ,when the broken-hearted Vaayu ,
the father of AnjanEyA retreatd into a cave with his 
stricken son and the whole world came to a standstill
and could not breath )

Anupallavi NaamAs (2)

1. VaahiIsa TaraNaaya Nama: ( Salutations to the one 
who jumped over the immense ocean: Reference is to
Sundra KhAndam , first sargam , Saagara Lankhanam )

2. Dasavadhana sUnutanUharaNaaya nama: ( Salutations to You ,
who killed in battle effortlessly the son of the ten-headed 
RaavaNA , Aksha KumAran :Reference is to Sundara KhAndam ,
Entire Sargam 47 )

Four CharaNams :( 16)
1. TaruNAruNa VadhanAbhjaaya nama: ( Salutations
to the one with a countenance that shines like the fully
risen Sun )

2. tapana kOti SankAsAya nama: ( NamaskArams to 
the One , who is resplendent like the crores of 
Suns that have risen together ; this naama is from 
the HanumAn's dhAyana slOkam :

SarvArishta nivArakam Subhakaram PinkAkshamakshApaham
SitAnvEshaNa Tathparam Kapivaram KOTEENTHUSURYA PRABHAM 
LankhA dhvipa Bayankaram Sakaladham Sugriva SammAnitham 
dEvEndhrAdhi Samastha dEva vinutham KAAKUTHSTHA DHUTHAM BHAJE  )

3. Kara Dhrutha Raghuvara SucharaNaaya nama:
( Salutations to the One , who holds the sacred
feet of Sri Raamachandra in his hands with reverence).

4. KalimalAbhra GandhavAhaaya nama: (Salutations to 
the One , who serves as the powerful wind that disperses
the cloud of Kali dhOshams ).

5. gOrAsura vArAnnidhi Kumbha TanayAya nama:
( Salutations to the one , who is a veritable
AgasthyA/Kumbha Muni to the ocean of fearsome
RaakshasAs : References to Incidents in 
Sundara KhAndam and Yuddha KhAndam ) 

6. Krutha Kaaryaaya nama: ( Salutations to
the One who always carries out successfully 
the tasks assigned by His king , SugrivA or His 
Lord, Sri RaamachandrA : Saagara lankhanam , 
Bringing of SanjIvi parvatham et al ) 

7. PaarijAtha tarunivAsaya nama: ( Salutations
to the One , who dwells under the PaarijAthA tree 
and performs Sri Raama Naama Japam incessantly .
The reference here is to another Hanumath DhyAna SlOkam :

AnjanEyam athipaatalAlanam
KaanchanAdhri kamanIya Vigraham
bhAvayAmi PavamAna Nandhanam )

8.Pavana tulya vEghAya nama: ( salutations to
the One , who moves as fast as the Vaayu BhagavAn !
His father gave him this power , which he used 
in crossing over the Ocean to reach LankhA as
Raama dhUthA ).

9. Paadha Vijitha Dhushta grahaaya nama: 
(Salutations to You , who defeat  the evil spirits 
or the ill effects of nava grahams with Your feet 
(i-e) those , who worship your feet are protected 
from the Graha dhOshams ).

10. Pathitha lOkapAvanAya nama:( Salutations
to the One , who is th eredeemer of the fallen )

11. VedasAsthra nipuNa varyaaya nama: ( Salutations 
to the One , who is in the front rank of those ,
who are proficient in Vedams and Saasthrams)

12. sathatham vimala chitthAya nama:( Salutations
to the One , who is always pure-minded )

13. KaruNarasa pUrNAya nama:( Salutations to
the One , whose mind is filled with compassion
for Raama BhakthAs )

14. KaanchanAdhri Sama dEhAya nama:( Salutations
to the One , who has an immense , resplendent
body like the golden Mount Meru : This name is from
the DhyAna slOkam referred above ).

15. Parama Bhaagavatha VarENyaaya nama: ( Salutations
to the One , who is the foremost among the Lord's
devotees )

16. VaradhAya nama: ( Salutations to the One , 
who is the munificient grantor of auspicious 
boons ).

Saint ThyagarAjA read everyday Srimadh 
Vaalmiki RaamAyaNam and performed in his life 
96 crores of Sri Raama naama japam . He aspired to 
serve Sri Raama like AnjanEya .This aspiration 
is set in the next krithi set in pUrNalalithA 
raagam :KalugunA padhaneerajasEva ? GandhavAha Tanaya .

I will sumamrize the meaning alone here .

Oh GandhavAha Tanaya ( Vaayu PuthrA )! Shall I ever 
be  blessed with the Bhaagyam of witnessing Your service
to Sri RamachandrA ? You are indeed the foremost among 
the Lord's bhakthAs and Your face shines with BrahmAnandham
as a result of Your frequent darsanam of Sri RamachandrA .

Oh Bhaktha SirOmaNi AnjanEyA ! Can I ever have 
the good fortune of have the direct darsanam of 
the Lord of the Universe , Sri RaamA , observing His 
daily anushtAnams , getting up at Brahma muhUrtham , 
enjoying His amrutha snAnam , holding Your hand ,
performing AarAdhanam to Sri RanganAthA , presenting
BhOgyams , partaking Bhagavadh prsAdhams through Devi SitA's
blessed hands and commanding You to read the holy purANAs ? 

As Sri Anbil mentioned , Sudara KhAndam is 
AnjanEya KhAndam . Saptha sarga PaarAyaNm of 
Sundara KhAndam ( 7 sargams per day until
completion ) concluding with Sri Raama
PattAbhishEkam and TadhIyArAdhanam for 
BhaagavathAs is known to confer all blessings .

There are specific sargAs that have been recited to
overcome specific apachArams . For instance , the 38th
sarga paarAyaNam is recommended for conscious or 
unmeant apachAram to our Lord and His BhagavathAs.
Nava graha dasA bhuktidhOsha parihAra PaarAyaNa 
kramams have been in vogue for those seeking 
these kinds of relief .For instance,the 48th sargam is 
recommended for Sani DOshA parihAram.ParamaikAnthins 
just do paarAyaNam without specific desires 
to overcome one or other calamities and leave  
the burden of their protection to the SaraNAgatha Vrathi ,
Sri SitA dEvi samEtha Sri SaakEtha nagarIsan .

Sri Purandara Daasar was a great AnjanEya BhakthA .
He composed number of krithis eulogising AnjanEyA .
Some of them are :

1. PrANa nAtha Paaliso : Raagam NaagasvarALi
2. Mukhya PrANa yenna Moola GuravE : Raagam ReethigowLai
3. Koosina KaNTIrA,Mukhya PrANana KaNTirA?--SaarangA Raagam
4. Anjikke YaathakaiyyA SajjanarikE-KalyANi Raagam
5. getthayO HanumamthA--Mohana Raagam

Inview of the Maadhva SampradhAyam to which 
Sri Purandara DaasA belonged , Sri AnjanEyA 
is a very important deity for worship to him .

I conclude this posting with a prayer
to Sri AnjanEyA's Lord and sarvasvam .

Sri Raamachandra ; Sritha paarijAtha:
Samastha KalyANa GuNAmBhurAsi:I
SeethA mukhAmbhOruha sancharIka:
Nirantharam MangaLam aathanOthu II

may the Lord RamachandrA remove all avinayam 
(immodesty& arrogance)arising out of presumption 
of Scholarship and grow th respect for all BhagavathALs 
and their well-meant kaimkaryams (*).

Satyam satyam Puna; Satyam, YathirAjO Jagath Guru:(*)
Daasaanu Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil V.Sadagopan 

(*)Our Jagath Guru spelled out for us what is 
BhagavathApachAram .As we post in this public net 
and blithely make sweeping statements , it is important
to recall and reflect on YathirAjA's listing of the 12 
Kinds of BhagavathApachArams:

1. Janma NirUpaNam ( Haughtiness from the thought that
one belongs to a higher janmam ; saathina mudali 
versus saathAtha mudali et al )
2. Sarira NirUpaNam( The differentiation and discrimation
like Man , Women , Tiryak et al )
3.Bhaava nirUpaNam ( Differentiation at a superficial
level that one is young and the other is old ; young 
do not know and the old age is synnonomus with wisdom )
4.Aasrama nirUpaNam ( BrahmachAri, SanyAsi et al )
5. Avayava nirUpaNam ( One is lame , deaf, dumb et al)
6. Aalasya nirUpaNam (ViNNappam seyvAr , seyaa theriyAthavr
yenRa paahupADu)
7.Vaasa nirUpaNam ( I am from Srirangam, Kaanchi, 
Thirumalai  and claiming superiority on that basis)
8.Bhandhu nirUpanam ( He is related to me,
She is not related to me and this kind of 
discriminatory apachArams to BhagavathAs )
9. PrakAsa nirUpaNam ( Equating AchAryAs and those who
perform Kaimkaryam to them as equal )
10. prakaara nirUpaNam ( Considering the kaimkaryaparALs ,
who perform nandavana kaimkaryam for the Divya dampathis
as lowly and inconsequential ones ).
11. Vardhaka NirUpaNam
12.DhOsha nirUpaNam ( Looking out for mistakes in
others' humble kaimkaryams  in the spirit of 
"PandithA; dhOsha Darsina:" ).

Bhaagavatha apachAram is worse than BhagavathapachAram
in YathirAjA's views .

KUdi Irunthu KuLirnthElOrempAvaai would be the mesage
from ANDAL for us in this month of Marghazhi .
AdiyEn , SadagOpan