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Re: Sat Sanga in Iowa

From: Anand Karalapakkam (
Date: Thu Dec 17 1998 - 12:11:02 PST

SrImatE SrI Lakshminrusimha ParabrahmanE namaha

Dear Sri RAmakrishnan,
namO nArAyaNA. pranAmams.

  thanks for your kind invitation to have sat sangam and involve
  ourselves in bhagavad kalyANa anubhavams.


> due to my taste for Hari bhakti.  Myself and my wife are pursuing under
> the guidance of Sri Krishna Premi Swamigal who comes in the Sri
>  Vaishnava Guru parampara.

   adiyEn didn't understand this part. Sri Krishna Premi is not a Sri
Vaishnava   AchAryA ie. doesn't come under Sri Vaishnava guruparamparA /
   siddhAntam, though he has given lot of lectures on Sri Vaishnavam.
   If he is a Sri Vaishnava AchAryA, can you please inform us the AchAryA
   under whom he underwent samAsrayanam (initiation into the paramparA) ?

   As far as adiyEn's knowledge goes, he is a vadamA advaitin following
   bhajana sampradAyam laid down by advaita AchAryAs of 16th-18th
   centuries like BOdhEndrAL, Sad guru swAmi and others. This fact is very
   much verified with Sri Vaishnava AchAryAs like Sri U.Ve. V.S. KarunAkaran

   SwAmy. Infact, this is evident from the books of Sri Krishna Premi
   he discusses these things.

adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan
ananthapadmanAbha dAsan