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thirup pAvAi - part 2 - thirup pAvai Jeer

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Dec 17 1998 - 05:17:15 PST

Dear bAgawathALs,

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

     It is reported in achArya vaibavam that Sri Ramanujar used to
deliver the bAshyams for Sri Brahma Sutra,  upanishads, and Srimad
bagwad  Geetha  during  the day time.  In the  evenings  and early
night  time, it seems he used to request  the  "aRaiyar"  to chant
thiruppAvai.  While   listening  to  these  30  terse  verses  his
emotions  used to be high  and his eyes  pour  tears (bakthi para
vasak kaNNeer) in  plenty wetting his thiru aadai (dress) even.

     Once a person had asked him,  "Swamin, you have  delivered so
many  vyAkyAnams  for  many  nools.  Why  didn't  you make one for
thirup  pAvai  ?  ".  Sri  Ramanujar  was  telling  it  seems  "en
pOnRavar  ithanai sollath  thagunthathu  aNRu. "mugavaay  izhantha
moodar ithanai unarAr.  mullaik kodi pONRu  menmaiyAna  paNbudaiya
magaLirE   ithanai   unarvar".  ie.,  People  like  me  cannot  do
vyAkyAnams for this.  And  certain  foolish men who had lost their
identity (ie., who has strayed from the path of  purusharthakaram)
are not  eligible to chant these  either.  Those woman who had not
lost their nature of being tender and kind as similar to the trunk
of the jasmine plant only knew and would  understand  this nool".

   It is said, he added that many  boologam  mangaiyar who are not 
performing the "nOnbu" aren't  going to be doing this.   Even  Sri 
vaikunda  mangaiyar such  as Sri periya  piraati,  Sri  nila  devi
wouldn't  know this as they want to keep the lord for  themselves.
However,  gothA piraati who is sharing these with all others of us
may tell this and we can learn from this. meaning, She is the only 
one who can deliver this again for us and hearing from none  other
would justify as she is the only one who is sharing this nectar of 
anubavam that she  churned  from  the  ocean  of  love on Lord Sri 

	One of the "spirit" of thirup pAvai is such that the   Sri 
bagwath anubavam is to be felt and shared among ghosti. The  under
lying meaning for AndAL's "Eval" (in tamil it means Azahitthal  or
calling)  is  such  that  She calls  everyone  of her "suRRam"  or 
friends (ghosti) to join this Sri Bagwath anubavam  whenever AnDAL 
is referring to her thozhis.

The empahsis  is  such  that the ghoSti has to join and enjoy this 
anubavam.  It  is  like  several  drops of water making the ocean. 
everyone  must  feel this anubavam  themselves  and in the company  
of fellow  bAgawathALs  as  well.  The  Sri  bagawath  ghosti  and 
bAgawatha sathsangam is so  important in enjoying this Sri bagwath 
       Udayavar was so much in love for this aboorva  nool and its 
deliverer, Sri AndAL. Due to  this  extraordinary  attachemnt  Sri  
Ramanujar  had with "thirup  pAvai" and ANDAL,  he  is  also known 
as "thirup pAvai jeer".

            There are few incidents in emperumAnAr Sri Ramanujar's
vaibavam that demonstrates his intense attachment to Sri ANDAL and
thirup pAvai.

(His fulfilling AndAL's wishes for offering 1000 and  odd  vessels 
of AkkAra vadisal to Sri Azhagar.   It  is  said  that  Sri  AndAL 
appeared  in  front  of  Sri  Ramanujar just after this episode at 
thiru mAl irum  sOlai  and  addressed  him as  "AnnA".  ie., It is 
customary that the elder brother offers the pirantha veetu  "seer"
that were promised and since Sri Ramanuja fulfilled the "seer" that 
was promised earlier, he earned the status of  Anna  from Sri AndAL  
herself. One can write many pages about this  episode  itself  and 
narrate various versions.

Sri ANDAL thiruvadaikaLE saraNam
Sri Boomi dEvi thAyAr samEtha Sri Oppiliappan thiruvadikaLE
Sri SridEvi samEtha Sri Azhagar thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan

note:       As mentioned earlier, adiyEn will stick to Sri bagwath 
niyamanam mainly.  Though  there  are  several  source   materials 
available, adiyEn have to write that which adiyEn can write within
the Sri bagwath  niyamanam during this brahma muhoorttham and goto 
work at 7 :00 Am and for  a  long day of lowkeekam untill 9:00 PM.

Several friends mentioned to adiyEn to reproduce the earlier parts. 
adiyEn will present some of them again with additional experience
and more in the days to come. Sri Varadhan requested adiyEn if he
may  join  adiyEn's  anubavams.  It is  a pleasure to have fellow 
bAgawathALs join and do "koodiyirinthu kulirnthu El Or em pAvAi".

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