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Prabandha VyAkhyAnams

From: A. Bharat (
Date: Thu Dec 17 1998 - 18:05:25 PST

Sri sampath Rengarajan's perceptive comments on the
Prabandha VyAkhyAnams brought to   mind certain
remarks made by adiyen's AchAryar on this subject
which should interest the BhAgavatOttamas:

BhagavAn is a SEshi and He has no SEshi Himself;
PirAtti has one Seshi,BhagavAn;We on the
other hand are fortunate to have two SEshis
to enjoy serving.

BrahmasUtrAs are a tattva-grantha and can have
only one correct meaning.Prabandhams are anubhava-
granthas.AzhwArs enjoyed SrimanNArayaNa; our
AchAryAs enjoyed AzhwArs' enjoyment;We are able to
enjoy AchAryas' enjoyment of AzhwArs enjoyment.
AzhwArs' enjoyment is like GangA at Gangotri,
AchAryas' is like Ganga at HaridwAr,VArANasI,
PrayAg etc; our enjoyment is like the thundering
sheet of water that is Ganga at the point of its
entering the sea.Anyone who restricts his anubhava
by saying that only this or that VyakhyAnam of
the Prabandham's is the "correct" one is voluntarily
restricting his own enjoyment; when he does it
in the case of others it is inexcusable.
A feast is made up of ALL the items on the menu;
if one gets up after one course and says he is
not interested in the other items,it is no loss
to the feast or to the other diners.

EmberumAnAr tiruvaDigaLE SaraNam!