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Sri.V.Sundar's pertinent points

From: sudarshan (
Date: Thu Dec 17 1998 - 02:48:03 PST

Dear Sri.V.Sundar,

You have raised extremely pertinent queries ....and also let me tell you
have, amazingly indeed, anticipated correctly the thematic drift of my
ensuing "agni-pravEsam" posts !!

I am actually thrilled to see that you have actually grasped the central
purpose of my posts so early on and much before I have even begun to wind
up the show !!   

You have correctly asked the following 2 deeply philosophical questions
that I myself seek to raise in my posts:

(1) "Given the fact that the practice of yagnya is central to the Vedas (
eg. yagnena yagnam ayajanta devaa:/taani dharmaani prathamaanyaasan ), and
the Vedas are structured around the cosmic (both micro- and macro-) act of
yagnyam, it seems curious that Vedanta takes a diametrically opposite
approach, denying the act of sacrifice."

I seek to show that Sita through Her "agni-pravEsam" far from "denying
yagnyam" actually affirms it as a valid "pramANam" of Truth. The next few
posts will cover it and I will eagerly look forward to your comments and
feedback on the matter. 

(2)""We cannot always rely on our senses to reveal material truth. How much
more unreliable they would be then, to perceive eternal truth ?"

This is exactly what I have covered in Musing#15 posted today.

The posts to follow all actually hinge on the important issues raised by
you above!! 

Sri.Sundar, you are not being tangential at all! You are in fact just bang
on !!!!!

adiyEn dAsAnu-dAsan,