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Sat Sanga in Iowa

Date: Wed Dec 16 1998 - 20:11:22 PST

Dear Bhakti members,

Jai Sri Radhe Krishna.  Jai Sri Sita Ram.  My name is Rama Krishnan and 
am working as a software engineer here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  I hail 
from a Palghat Iyer family but came under the influence of Vaishnavism 
due to my taste for Hari bhakti.  Myself and my wife are pursuing under 
the guidance of Sri Krishna Premi Swamigal who comes in the Sri 
Vaishnava Guru parampara.  We would like to have Sat Sanga in your house 
with fellow bhaktas for reciting Vishnu Sahasra nama, reciting Tamil 
pasurams, and for doing Hari keertana or bhajana.  Please reply to me by 
e-mail or please call at

I also take this opportunity inform interested members that I have a 
collection of about 300 Tamil discourse cassettes of Sri Krishna Premi 
who is popularly called as Anna.  I have his Ramayana, Bhagavata, Azhwar 
Vaibhavam, Venkatachala mahatmiam, Sri Ranga Mahatamyam, and very many 
BHAKTA charitrams of devotees all over India such as Tulasidas, 
Ekanathar etc.  Sri Ranga mahatmyam is very nice with elaborate 
quotations from Brahmanda purana, Agni purana etc. where it is 
elaborately told.  Anna also quotes the Tamil pasurams and the recent 
leelas of the Lord at SriRangam with his bhaktas.

Yours in the service of Hari Dasas

Rama S. Krishnan

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