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Date: Wed Dec 16 1998 - 10:44:27 PST

Special Event On jan. 2 1999
HH Andavan Speaks to US SrivaishnavALs !!
Dear Bhagavatas,                                       
You will be happy to know that Parvaakkottai Sri Gopala
Desika  Maha  Desikan,  Prakritam Acharya of Poundarika
puram  Asramam has   consented  to  bless  us with  his
Anugraha Bhashanam on 2nd January 1999.  
What a  way to start a HAPPY NEW YEAR !                               
It will be music to the ears of  our  revered  Azhagiya
Singhar who has described the Prakritam Poundarikapuram
Andavan as " Nadamaadum Deivam "-'God walking on earth'
to learn that  HIS  mentor,  friend,  philosopher  and
guide" is giving an Anugraha bashanam to the Bhagavatas
in U.S.A                                               
Paravakkottai Sri Gopla Desika Maha Desikan,  Prakritam
Srimad Andavan of PP Ashramam  is such a  Virakta  that
he  shuns  publicity,  is  totally  unostentatious  and
believes  in  an  extremely  simple and austere life in
tune with the Yathi Dharmam and  with total devotion to
Aachaaram and Anushtaanam.                             
Those who have had  the  opportunity  to  have  even  a
glimpse of this Mahan will testify to  the  veracity of
this fact.                                             
He has declined  oft  repeated  offers by many of us to
install a phone  in  his  Asramam  (with  an  Answering
machine and Caller ID, if need be) saying that it would
distract his ceaseless concentration of the Lord.      
No  wonder,  all  Yathivaras  unanimously regard him as
verily "Vasishta" among them. You  will remember how at
the  time  of  Sannyasa  Sweekaranam  of  our  Azhagiya
Singhar, the Poundarika  Puram  Andavan  blessed him by
sprinkling holy  water  on  him  reciting  the  Mantram
uttered  by  Sage  Vasishta  at  the  time  of Sri Rama
It  is  indeed  our  bhagyam  that  he has consented to
deliver his Anugraha Baashanam to us. Let us  not  fail
to avail of  this  golden  opportunity  provided  to  us.  

I understand that already 15-20  families have signed up.
Since  the  time  is very short and the capacity of the
bridge is very limited, please sign up with  Sri Murali
Rangaswamy  immediately and ensure that you do not miss
this mega event.                                       
We are  extremely  grateful to the board members of Sri
Ahobila  Muth,  USA  for  their  help  and  support  in
providing access to the teleconferencing bridge network
for the Upanyasam and other logistics in the USA.      
Arrangements for this Upanyasam will be similar to that
of the Anugraha BhashaNam by H.H.  the  45th  Jeeyar of
Ahobila Matham. The cost per family will be  $10.00. Of
course, this does not include  the  cost  of  the  long
distance call to the  bridge  network.  All  interested
Bhaktas  will be responsible only for the long distance
call to the teleconferencing bridge.                   
FOR  THE  CALL  TO  INDIA".  Sri  Murali Rangaswamy has
kindly agreed to make the call to  India and  bear  the
resulting cost.                                        
Please contact him at  -  to
sign up for the Upanyasam.                             
Further details pertaining  to  the  Upanyasam  will be
announced  by him shortly.                             
Namo Narayana,                                         
Anbil Ramaswamy