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The gopuram Episode

From: A. Bharat (
Date: Wed Dec 16 1998 - 19:36:33 PST

*adiyen requests sri Bharat to kindly get some light on this issue from
acharyas back home.* 

As per the above niyamanam of Sri Krishna Kalale I had
a talk with Sri Rangapriya Mahaswami re the matter
under discussion.

I give below the gist of his opinion:

In any matter concerning Swami EmberumAnAr the greatest
authority is his writings alone.If he says something there
he will act exactly like that.Any narration by others re
his life can be accepted to the extent that it does not
conflict with his views.In his writings he is a strong
exponent of Vaidika Dharma and AchAra and upholds it
in its entirety.The SAstras say that while MantrOpadEsam
is for the eligible only,the words of the mantra without
the Pranava can be given to anyone,and in some cases
beneficial for other reasons too.So we can accept that
Udaiyavar gave out the meaning and and the non-Pranava
portion of the mantras to many people there.

As regards whether he climbed to the Gopuram for this
purpose: why would such a practical person do such
a meaningless act? Would he not have chosen a hall
where he would be audible and his audience more
inclined to listen to him ?

EmberumAnAr TiruvaDigaLE Saranam