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Iraa Patthu

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Dec 15 1998 - 19:22:00 PST

Dear BhagavathAs :

I will briefly summarize the festivities 
at Srirangam in the context of Iraa Patthu .

If pahal Patthu uthsavam takes place during day time
with the aRayar sevai , the Iraa patthu uthsavam
takes place at night . The Lord of Srrangam is seated 
in the ThirumAmaNi mantapam at the middle of the 1000
pillard hall .Thiruvaimozhi is recited during these 
ten days leading upto the day of NammAzhwAr's moksham .
The aRayar sEvai also takes place as in the times of
Pahal Patthu. There are specific ceremonies and 
specail gaits of the Lord in procession as he leaves
His aasthAnam for the 1000 pillar mantapam and back .
There are a lot of Yogic significances to these gaits
used both in pahal and Iraa Patthu days.Simha gathi,
Sarpa gathi, VyAgra gathi, UyyAra Nadai, PaDiyErram
patterns of lifting the Lord by the SripAdam thAngis.
There are also age old procedures of recognizing and 
honoring koil KaimkaryakkArALs including the aRayars.
Some of these traditional observances go back to the time of
Thirumangai AzhwAr , Nathamuni, RaamAnujar and the ten
branches of temple servants appointed by RaamAnujar .

We will cover these Srirangam-unique observances 
during the Pahal patthu and Iraa Patthu celebrations
at NamperumAL's sannidhi in subsequent articles .
We will cover the specific paasurams recited 
and performed on each of these days of the Iraa Patthu 
DaasAnu Daasan , V.Sadagopan