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From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Dec 15 1998 - 15:11:26 PST

Dear Sri Venkat Iyengar :

Here is an insert that you can use in the home page :

On October 12 ,1998 the Godha priya Kaimkarya 
Sabha (GPKS)of Chennai presented ThiruvAbharaNams for 
Soodikkoduttha NaacchiyAr of SriVilliputthur.
Sri GodhA pirAtti adorned these ThiruvAbharaNams
presnted by the GPKS of Chennai and gave adhbhutha Sevai  
to all the assembled BhakthAs as the queen of the Universe 
(RaaNi Sevai ).

Special paavAdai and blouse inlaid with multicolored stones ,
a crown embroiderd with pearls and semi-precious stones ,
ear pieces , Jatakothsu ,necklace ,parrot , Thindu 
and fan were presented to our NaacchiyAr on this occasion.
With  the accompaniument of Naadhasvaram , MeLam and Koil 
Mariyadhai, the ThiruvAbharaNams were first taken
in procession around the raja Veedhis and inner prakAram 
and then were presented formally by Dr.V.Sadagopan , the President of 
GPKS to the Executive officer of ANDAL THirukkOil.

The ThiruvAbharaNmas were designed by Srimathi Padma Veeraraghavan, 
the secretary of the GPKS of Chennai . Srimathi Vanjula Narasimhan , 
Srimathi Raja Laksmi Raghavan, Srimathi Lakshmi Gopala Swami ,
Srimathi Dharini Mukundan were the other office bearers of
the GPKS participated in this unique presentation function .

Kainkarya Sri Seva Swamy , a stalwart of Swami Desika 
Darsanam presided over the religious portion of 
the presentation function and received agra tAmpUlam 
at the Sathas .Next Thirumanjanam was performed for 
Sri GodhA Piratti and Her divine consort . Special Mathurai 
Mullai flower garlands custom crafted for the occasion
and the new AbharaNms adorned the Queen of RangamannAr
next. Our Mother looked radiant in Her new AbharaNams
and blessed Her children .

The GPKS of Chennai under the leadership of 
Srimathi Padma Veeraraghavan had presented 
in previous years  KrishNan Kondai for ANDAL
and Raaja Paandyan Kondai for Sri RangamannAr.
The velvet for the Kaimkaryams were donated by
Vasantha-Varadachar Dampathis of Hyderabad.

May the Karuna kataksham of Sri VishNuchittha 
Kulanandana Kalpavalli fall on all of us and 
bless us as the BhaudhAnya Margahzi commences!

sathamakha maNineelA chAruklahAra hasthA
  sthanabharanamithAngI sAndhra Vaatsalya sindhu:I
alakavinihithAbhi: sragbhirArushta nAthA
  Vilasathu Hrudhi GodhA VishnuchittAthmaJA na:II  

Soodikkoduttha NaacchiyAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

DaasAnu Daasan  Oppilliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan
President , GodhA priyA kainkarya SabhA , Chennai
BahudhAnya Samvathsara Marghazhi Maasa PiRappu Dinam
December 16, 1998.

 At 11:52 AM 12/15/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear sir,
>.i am planning to put up a NEWS AND RECENT EVENTS PAGE for the 
>srivilliputtur website.if the pics of abharna samarpanam are not yet ready
> you can send me a short writeup on the abharna samarpanam event for 
>immediate inclusion in the page and  the pictures can be added on
>subsequently as they become available.
>Thank you
>Venkat s Iyengar