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Re: The Gopuram Episode

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Tue Dec 15 1998 - 11:22:59 PST

Sri Bharat writes, very movingly and convincingly:
> No wonder [Sri Ramanuja] started 
> revealing the "secret" right at the door step of
> Nambi himself.

> I am afraid I do not hold with the
> view of Mani that he was being revolutionary in this
> incident. In fact he was being totally traditional-
> not the secretive tradition of the ancient Rshis
> but the all embracing tradition of PeriyAzhwAr, who called
> out,"vAzhAtpaTT-uLLIrellArum vandu maNNum maNamum
> koNmin" and of his daughter who earnestly invited,
> "pOduvIr poduminO"- "ichhai uLLar ellArum vArungoL"
> This was the tradition which Sri Nathamuni and
> Sri ALavandAr wanted to establish on a firm basis.

I could not agree with these statements more! What
a wonderful way of expressing the all-encompassing
compassion of Emberumanar.


> Emberumanar continued to keep it so in regard
> to the mantra but threw the artha open to all who desired
> it.


> Sri EmbAr has compressed our glorious DarSanam into three
> 'i's - "ichhaiyE adhikAram,irakkamE upAyam,inimaiyE upEyam"
>  Our mere desire for Him gives us eligibility;  His compassion
>  alone can take us to the goal;and the  goal is pure happiness."


> EmberumAnAr TiruvaDigale Saranam!

thirukkacci nambi dhaasan