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BahudhAnya Samvathsara Dhanur Maasa PiRappu and Adhyayana Uthsavam:Part 1

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Dec 15 1998 - 06:44:56 PST

Dear BhAgavathAs :

Tomorrow is the birth of Margazhi Maasam that 
is sacred to our sampradhAyam . The happenings at 
the divya desam of SrivilliputthUr has been summarized by 
Sri Venkat Iyengar .This divya desam is her piRantha Veedu;
let us see what is happening at Her Pukkaham (Srirangam ).

Dhanur Maasa AarAdhanam at Srirangam , Thiruadhyayanothsavam
( Pahal Patthu, Iraa Patthu , Sri Vaikunta EkAdasi,
NammAzhwAr MokshOthsavam )are the redeeming hall marks of this 
sacred month of the Sri Sookthis of SooDikkoduttha NaachiyAr
( ThiruppAvai and NaachiyAr Thirumozhi )and the Thiruvaimozhi
of NammAzhwAr and other divya prabhndhams .

I will first give the overview of the festivities .
Sri Venkat Kanumala wishes to have a focused celebration
during the  weeek end of December 28 at Sri RanganathA temple
at Pomona, NY on divya prabhandham recital(s). He will be announcing 
the dates on the net .May I request all the BhakthAs in 
the tristate area and within traveling distance to 
join at Sri Ranganatha"s temple and receive the blessings of 
the Divya dampathis? 

Sri T.R.Govindarajan of NJ has already summarized the 
adhyayana kramam during the Month of Margahzhi to
KurEsA's birthday . I will focus on the tradition at 
Srirangam and sumamrize the events and the appropriate 
paasurams that are recited during these days .Sriranga
Vaasis and those who are more familiar with the uthsava
kramams there are requested to correct any mistakes in
this narration .

December 16 , 1998, Marghazhi 1 

**ThirupaLLIyezucchi, aRyar sEvai , The recital
of Thiruppaavai and ThirupaLLIyezucchi Paasurams 
continue through out this month at Srirangam .

** December 18/Marghazhi 3(Friday):

ThirunedumthAnDakam day ; at 7 PM in the garbhagruham , 
it begins with aRayar sEvai and continues at Santhanu 
MaNDapam with abhinayam for ThirunedumthANDaka Pasuram 
and TampirAnpaDi VyAkhyAnam , Punuhu Kaapu 

** December 19/Marghazhi 4(Saturday ):Mudal Aayiram

Sri NamperumAL Thiru Adhyayana (Sri Vaikunta
EkAdasi)Uthsava Arambham ; First day of Pahal 
Patthu; ThiruppallANDu Paasuram abhinayam 
by aRayar& VyAkhyAnam; PeriyAzhwAr Thirumozhi
recitation (190 Paasurams)

**December 20/Marghazhi 5(Sunday)

Second Day of Pahal patthu
AaRRilirundhu( PeriyAzhwaar 2.10.1)
and TannOrAiyaram( PeriyAzhwAr 3.1.1)
PasurangaL abhinayam& VyAkhyAnam; PeriyAzhwAr 
Thirumozhi 240 paasurangaL recital.

**December 21 /Marghazhi 6 (Monday)

Third Day of Pahal Patthu
SenniyOngu Paasura Abhinayam& VykhyAnam.
Abhinayam upto Thiruppolintha sEvaDi
( Periya Thirumozhi : paasurm 5.4.7 )
Arayar Sri SatakOpam sAthitthal.

ThiruppAvai-Marghazhi ThingaL Paasuram
paasuram abhinayam& Commentary;NaacchiyAr
Thirumozhi 120 paasurangaL

** December 22/Marghazhi 7(Tuesday):
Fourth day of Pahal Patthu
Arayar sevai Mudal Aayiram :second Sevai,
Kamsa Vadham ;Abhinaya-VyAkhyAnams on 
" KaNNan yennum karum Dhaivam and IruLiriya
(PerumAL Thirumozhi1.1)paasurams;Recital of
PerumAL Thirumozhi , Thirucchandha viruttham .

** December23/Margahzhi 8(Wednesday)
Fifth day of Pahal patthu uthsavam
ThirumAlai Mudal Patthu  Paasura Abhinayam&VyAkhAyanam;
AranganArkku Aatcheythal varai Abhinayam ; Arayar 
ThiruvArAdhanam;ThirumAlai, ThiruppaLLIyezhucchi 
Paasurangal recital;AmalanAdhipirAn paasura 

**December 24/Margazhi 9( Thursday )
Sixth Day of Pahal patthu: Dallas Naama Conference
Abhinaya VyAkhyAnam on KaNNInuNN SiRuttAmpu ,
VaaDinEn VaaDi; Periya Thirumozhi 250 PaasurangaL 

**December25 /Marghazhi 10(Friday )
Seventh Day of Pahal patthu
Abhinava -VyAkhyAnam of "ThUviriya
paasurm on ThiruvAlinagar ( Periya Thirumozhi:3.6.1);
210 more paasurams of Periya Thirumozhi;
Second aRayar sEvai: VamanAvathAram;
punuhu kAppu.

**December 26/Marghazhi 11(Saturday)
Eighth Day of Pahal patthu
Abhinaya VyAkhyAnam of "PanDai naan maRai
( Sriranga paasuram of Periya Thirumozhi(PTM):
5.7.1);200 more paasurams of PTM;
Second aRayar sEvai: Amritha mathanam;
Arayar theertham , SriSatakOpam sAthitthal.

** December 27/Marghazhi 12(Sunday )
Ninth Day of Pahal patthu
Mudal sevai: TeLLiyIr devarkkum dEvar
paasura abhinaya-VyAkhyAnam ( ThirukkaNNapura
Pasuram:PTM 8.2.1); 200 more PTM paasurams

Second sEvai: MinnuruvAi( ThiruneDumthANdakam 
Paasuram 1) abhinaya-VyAkhyAnam; MuthtukkuRi
VyAkhyAnam& Abhinayam; aRayar theertham ;
Sri SatakOpam sAthitthal.

** December 28: Marghazhi 13(Monday)
Tenth Day of Pahal patthu
NaacchiyAr ThirukkOlam ; First Arayar Sevai PTM ;
IrakkaminRi paasuram of Kaliyan( PTM 10.12.1);
170 more paasurams of PTm; ThiukkurmthANdakam (20)
and ThiruneDumthANdakam (30)

Second aRayar sevai ; RaavaNa Vadham -Thirumozhi 
SaathumuRai; arayar theertham ; Sri SatakOpam
Saathitthal; Night : AzhwAr, AchAryAl MaryAdhai

** Dec 29/Marghazhi 14 : Sri Vaikunta EkAdasi(Tuesday)

(To be continued )

P.S : For the planning purposes of Sri venkat Kanumala,
the recitals for the week end following Sri Vaikunta EkAdasi
are :

Iraa Patthu: 4th day (Friday ): January 1
ThiruvAimozhi : Onrum thEvum Paasuram & Abhinayam  
4th patthu Thiruvaimozhi recitation 

Iraa Patthu: 5th day(Saturday) : Sri Sampath RengarAjan 
family UbhayakArAl :AarAvamudhE Paasura Abhinayam
5th patthu recitation

Iraa patthu : 6th day (Sunday ): 
Ulaham UNN peruvAyA Abhinayam
6th patthu recitation 
ThiruviNNagar , Thiruppathi , ThirukkOLUr
paasurangaL are in this beautiful Patthu
converging on saraNAgathi of NammAzhwAr
at ThiruviNNagar and ThiruvEnkatam.