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Re: Divya Desam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Dec 15 1998 - 05:03:35 PST

Dear Sri Venaktesh Elayavalli :

On this Vrucchika ChApa KrishNa Paksha Dwadasi Day ,
it is the greatest of bhAgyams to have the darsanam 
of PraNava VimAnam , Para Vaasu Devan , 
Sri HayagrIvar at ThUppul ,  ArchA
murthys of Sholingar ,ThiruviNNagar , 
AchAryAs and the very useful breakdown of
divya desmas by regions of India from
north to south .

This is one of the greatest kaimakryams that 
is taking place along with other kaimkaryams
initiated and sustained by our fellow BhagavathALs 
here with the blessings of their own AchArya
Paramparais .The most prominent Kaimkaryam tying
with all these efforts is the ongoing efforts 
to construct the temple for Sri RanganAthA on this 
soil at Pomona , New York .Paramikaanthi Saarvabhoumar 
Sri Venakt kanumala has undertaken this Yaj~nam.
The ArchA murhtys are travelling towards us from the port of 
Madras to New York as we write. 

The many streams of effort related to Sri Vaishnavism 
are joining the great river of Sri RaamAnuja SampradhAyam .
The srimukham from Seva SwamigaL instructing us to
unite under one umbrella of AchArya RaamAnuja darsanam
in the most congenial way , can not be more timely. At the end of 
the forthcoming Dallas Conference in December ,1998,
May I request Mrs. Nagu Satyan or Sri Rajaji to
translate this wonderful message of SevA Swami( please 
leave out the reference to me there ).The sincerity and the far 
reaching upadEsam of this great Mahaan is transparent in this message .
It is worth reading againa nd again as we unite our efforts 
to celebrate our AchAryAs and AchArya paramparai just 
before the dawn of the holiest of months. I am so delighted that
Sri Venkat Iyengar's kaimkaryam from KhargapUr 
related to Srivilliputthur divya desam is growing day by day . 

Coming back to the 108 divya desam project , there has been
a lot of work done already by Sriman Dileepan . Perhaps ,
Sri Dileepan , Sri Venaktesh and others willing to
spend a portion of their time and talent join together
to fill the details and enrich these pages on divya desam .
Sri Dileepan and Sri Anbil Swamy are two of the veterans ,
who have visited all these 106 divya desams .They can be
great resources to guide this project.

I have a 400 page Manuscript on these 108 divya desams 
that I put together few years ago .That is in tamil .
I will be happy to donate the original to Sri Elayavalli.
There are a lot of source material with me (Books ,Images,
Videos ) that I can gladly part with for the benefit of 
all of us.There need to be a central point to collect
and disseminate this information of value to every one
interested in the Sri vaishnavA sampradhAyam here and
abroad including India. Those who visit India and return can bring
back with them whatever that is relevant to this kaimkaryam
and deposit it with Sri Elayavalli as he ploughs through this 
monumental task as a Bhagavadh Kaimkaryam . 

Let us take the coming Margahzhi month as the formal 
start off point and conclude it before the next Marghazhi and
place our humble offering at the lotus feet of our SaraNya dampathis 
and AchAryAs .

DaasAnu Daasan , V.Sadagopan         

At 09:54 PM 12/14/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Dear Respected Members,
>I take this opportunity to release a page for 106 Divya Desam. I also
>thank Sri N Sampath for providing the details on each of the Divya
>Go to:
>  and select the "Divya Desam" link
>We hope to add  material such as Puraanam, special events etc
>associated with each Divay Desam, in addition to a compilation of
>AzhwAr paasurams associated with each.
>AzhvAr EmperumanAr jIyar thiruvadikalE Saranam
>Venkatesh K Elayavalli