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Margazhi Masam in Srivilliputtur

From: Venkat Iyengar S. (
Date: Tue Dec 15 1998 - 08:19:32 PST

                 Srimate Godaya Namaha

The auspicious month of Margazhi starts tommorrow (dec 16).In the
next few days grand celebrations would commence in all the important
divya desams.
     Srivilliputtur the birthplace of Sri Andal,the home of Thiruppavai
will have an added charm during the Margazhi masam for the bhagavathals
with probably the busiest calendar among all the divya desams.Apart from
the 20 day irapathu-pagal pathu utsavam,two more utsavams,the Margazhi
Thirunal utsavam( 9 days) and the Margazhi Neerati Utsavam(8 days)
will take place.

    The Margazhi thirunal utsavam is much like the adi thirunal utsavam
with sri andal going through the town streets in different vahanams
on different days.on the penultimate day one can witness the UNJAL sevai
of the divya dampatis in the Andal thirukovil(around 11:00 pm).sri Andal
gives darsanam in the chettichi tirukolam.The koodarai vellum seer
sattumurai takes place after the unjal sevai( around 2:30 am)
in the unjal mandapam.Akkaravadisil is distributed to all devotees
present after the sattumurai along with other prasadams.

               The Margazhi Neeratti utsavam is something special.
It takes place at the Neeratti Mandapam which is near the temple
tank(thirumukkolam) in the evenings.Daily yennai kappu and Thirumanjanam
is performed.Sri Andal also blesses us with the grand darsanam of
one of her Thirukkolams every day.

          This margazhi has been made sweeter with heavy rains in
Srivilliputtur last week which have filled all the tanks in srivilliputtur
much before the "aazhi mazhai kanna" day  

Venkat.s Iyengar