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Re: Sri Ramanujar and Gopuram Episode

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Mon Dec 14 1998 - 21:54:16 PST

adiyen requests sri Bharat to kindly get some light on this issue from
acharyas back home.  I am almost 99% sure that knowing Sri Bharat,  who has
learnt under acharyas and stalwarts back there, (who, incidentally lives a
block away from my home back in India), would have already talked to
acharyas regarding this.  The reason I want this is to know what is the
traditional "acharyas' stance on this is.  I dont mean to ignore other
writers on this network.  Irrespective, of what may be written in some of
the ancient works, I have, in the past heard acharyas give unique meanings
to ancient writings, since their multidimensional knowledge allows them to
view things in light of so many dharmashastras, prasthana traya, prabandams
and so on.  

adiyen Krishna Kalale