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From: Srinath Chakravarty (
Date: Mon Dec 14 1998 - 12:18:28 PST

Dear friends:
       I am a new subscriber to the bhakti group, and would like to
briefly introduce myself.  My name is Srinath S. Chakravarty and I am
29 years of age.  I presently live in Dallas TX and am an employee of 
Electronic Data Systems (EDS).  I was born in Bangalore but grew up
in Bombay.  I came to the U.S. after high school when I was 18, and have 
lived in this country since then.  I studied at Washington State 
University in Pullman WA, where I obtained a B.S. and M.S. degree in 
Mechanical Engineering.
       My parents are C.K. Srinivasan and Sreedevi Srinivasan; they
live in T-Nagar, Chennai.  I have one sibling; my older brother 
DwarkaPrasad who is currently in his final semester of the MBA program 
at IIM-Bangalore.  My mother's parents lived in Bangalore and their 
ancestry is from Komandur.  My father's family is from Mysore and their 
ancestry is from Hosur.
       I have interests in religious and linguistic subjects, and in
Vedic traditions in particular.  My practice of the Srivaishnava faith 
is limited to performing Sandhyavandanam, remaining vegetarian, and
avoiding "echchal" and "vizhuppu".  In my childhood, and as a teenager I 
learnt several stotrams and vedic chants which I occasionally recite.  I 
stumbled upon the Srivaishnava home page a couple of years
ago and have kept up with it since then.  Since I live here in Dallas,
I am getting involved with NAMA and hope to be an active participant
in that organization.
       Please feel free to email me <> at anytime.  I 
look forward to being a positive addition to the bhakti group, and 
keeping in touch with the people that belong to it.  I will be very 
happy to meet any of you in person, and please do let me know if you 
live in the Dallas-Fortworth area.

home: (972) 403-4445
work: (972) 927-7129

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