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nAcciyAr tirumozhi V- kuyil kUvudal 2

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Mon Dec 14 1998 - 07:43:26 PST

      SrI ANDAL samEta SrI rangamannAr tiruvaDigaLE SaraNam

             nAcciyAr tirumozhi V- kuyil kUvudal
      pASuram 5.2 (fifth tirumozhi - pAsuram 2 veLLai viLi sa~ngu)

A. Translation from SrImAn SaDagOpan's tamizh treatise:

Oh cuckoo (who drinks the nectar from honey-laden ceNbagam flowers and 
sings joyfully)! My lord has the (pAncajanyam) conch in His left hand.
This pure white conch seems to have a sound that invites bhaktas to do 
kaimkaryam to emperumAn. This lord of mine is not showing Himself before 
me.  Not only that, He enters and stays in my mind and makes me suffer 
(in love) and tortures me alive, at the same time enjoying this drama.  
Without wasting your time near me by uttering your mazahalic-col 
(child-like talks), go to my emperumAn who resides in tiruvEnkata malai 
and call Him to come to me! 

veLLai viLi sa~ngu iDangaiyil koNda
 vimalan enakku uruk-kATTAn
uLLam pugundu ennai naivittu 
 nALum uyir peidu kUttATTuk kANum
kaL avizh ceNbagap-pU malar kOdi
 kaLittu iSai pADum kuyilE!
meLLa irundu mizhaRRi mizhaRRAdu en
 vEnkaTavan varak kUvAi.

B. Some additional thoughts (from SrI PVP):

veLLai viLi Sa~ngu iDam kaiyil koNDa vimalan - 

SrI PVP makes two important comments here.  One is that the pure-white 
conch appears beautifully to contrast with the beautiful black  
tiruemeni of bhagavAn which resembles the water-laden cloud.  The other 
is that bhagavAn's tirumeni and His divya Ayuda-s are not for His own 
benefit or protection, but for that of His devotees only.  

"na tE rUpam na cAkArO nAyudhAni na cAspadam
 tathA'pi purushAkArO bhaktAnAm tvam prakASase" (jitantE 1-5)

uruk-kATTAn - ANDAL laments that this parama-purusha who has His divya 
rUpa and divya-Ayudha-s only for the benefit of His devotees, is not 
revealing Himself to her, His great bhaktai.  

SrI PVP quotes similar experiences from tiruma~ngai AzhvAr -
"kAsin oLiyil tigazhum vaNNam kAttIr emperumAn vAsivalliR, indalUrIr 
vazhndE Pom nIrE" (periya tirumozhi 4-9-4).

May be He thinks His tirumeni is only for the nitya-surI-s in 
vaikuNTham.  This is like giving more and more water for the fish whose 
abode is water in the first instance, but He is not quenching ANDAL's 

nALum uyir peidu kUttATTuk-kANum: ANDAL is living the life of hope 
against hope.  She runs with great love to embrace Him with her hands and 
then is hurting because He is not getting into her hands.  She keeps 
dying (not being able to see Him) and coming back to life (in the hope 
of seeing Him).  But then it appears that bhagavAn seems to be enjoying 
her plight, and is playing with her this way.  This seems to be His 

kaLLavizh cembagam ... kuyilE:  ANDAL seems to say:  "While I am saddened 
at the very sight of flowers because my Beloved venkaTavan is not with me,
you are drinking the nectar in these same flowers and singing with glee.

en vEnkatavan varak kUvAi:  rAma was stationed in the garden outside
mithilai prior to His gaining the hands of sItA pirAtti.  So also ANDAL
feels that His empirAn is waiting in tiruvEnkatam just to come and gain her
hands.  When He has come all the way from SrIvaikuNTham for her, she is
pleading with the kuyil to make Him walk the few more feet and come and get
SrI PVP's anubhavam is interesting to read here: godai thinks "the reason
why He left parama padam and is stationed in tiruvEnkaTam is only for her

In the first pAsuram, godai chides the cuckoo for sleeping in the nice
flower beds while she is suffering, and in this pAsuram, she points out 
that the cuckoo is enjoying itself eating and drinking heartily from these
flowers (SrI T.S. rAjagopAlan's observations).

sarvam SrIman nArAyaNAyEti samarpayAmi.

Kalyani Krishnamachari