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Re: A new ambition

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Dec 13 1998 - 18:46:02 PST

Dear Sri Bharat : 

What  a beautiful conception to visualize our 
most merciful Lord reclining at Srirangam
waiting for us patiently to arrive at His parama padham 
and not giving up on any one of us until then .

In this context ,I am reminded of the 177th SoorNikai of 
Anna Pukazh  Mudumbai Azhagiya MaNavALa PerumAl Naayanaar's 
Acharya Hrudhyam :

" BhOgya Bhaaga thvarai teLintha santhaikku munnil
mUnRilum Prakatanam ".

At ThiruppuLinkuDi ,VaraguNamangai and Sri Vaikuntam,
Sriman NaarAyaNA offers us His sevai in the reclining ,
Sitting and standing postures . NayanAr says :

" ulahatthil ganattha pasi udayavan , annam pakkuvam
aavathaRkku munnE pathaRRatthinAl athan aruhE vandhu 
kidappathu , iruppathu, niRpathAmApOlE ,BhOgya bhUtharAna 
AzhwArkkup parama bhakthiyAhiRa Paakam piRakkumaLavum 
anubhOkthaAvAna EmperumAnukkuNDAna pathaRRam 
ThiruppuLinkudiyuilum , VaraguNamangailum , 
Sri Vaikuntatthilum ViLankum .

The reference is to " PuLinkuDik kidanthu 
VaraguNamangai irunthu VaikunthatthutthuLL ninRu ,
teLinthaven chinthaiahangkazhiyAthE yennai 
AaLLvAyenakkaruLi ," ( Thiruvaimozhi 9.2.4).

NaayanAr instructs us that Our Lord had great 
restlesness , while he waited for NammAzhwAr to
attain the "paramabhakthiAhiRa ParipAkam ".
Like one  who is very hungry waits for 
the rice to be cooked to perfection by 
standing , sitting and resting impateintly
near the cooking pot , our Lord waited at 
Sri Vaikuntam ,VaraguNamangai and ThirukkOLUr 
in the ninRa, Iruntha and Sayanat thirukkOlams .

Sri Bharat's note reminded me of this 
Bhagavath Vishaya anubhavam by NaayanAr ,
the second son of Vadakku ThiruvIthip PiLLai.

AdiyEn Sadagopan 

Please convey my regards to Sri BhuvarahAcchAr Swamy.


>Now His latest ambition is to be porter.He in fact mooted
>the idea to Arjuna himself: "Look,transfer all your burden
>to me .I'll carry it.<yOgakshEmam vahAmyaham> you can
>walk freely.Transfer your luggage from your head to mine.
>And just walk behind me swinging your free hands.I'll lead you to
>Heaven.<Aham nayAmi mad-bhaktam>"
>But he did not find any takers in DwApara yuga.But that
>has not stopped him from trying in Kaliyuga also.He has
>established various branch offices and accosts us all
>daily with the same plea.But we are like those suspicious
>people who wouldn't entrust their luggage to the porter
>in case he runs away with it.So we tell him,"Don't bother
>we'll carry our own luggage." And send Him off disappointed.
>Then He remembered an incident which happened a long time ago
>in ChitrakUta; when Bharata came with a request which did not
>find favor with RAma.Bharata immediately lay down before Him
>and said "I will not get up unless you relieve my burden."
>(The only difference being that here the Lord wants take on
>our burden) And Rama had no alternative but to tranfer Bharata's
>burden to His PAdukas.
>Why not try this method with the SamsAris,He thought.And promptly
>lay down in SriRangam saying,"I will not get up unless every
>samsAri goes to Parampadam!" Unfortunately we are too subtle for
>Him.His tactics have the same chance of success with us as it
>had with samudra-rAja.But the difference is this.Periya PerumAl
>in Srirangam does not flare up and call for his bow to punish us 
>as RAma did when Samudra rAja failed to turn up.Instead
>He tries to win our sympathy by exhibiting His intense longing
>for us; and He keeps lying there and waits and waits and waits..