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RE:Politics in KeythanaHalli

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Dec 12 1998 - 11:43:58 PST

>Subject: RE:Politics in KeythanaHalli
>Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 12:23:12 EST

>Dear Bhagavathas :

Sriman TatachAr's note triggered me to write a small 
not on who this "SomayAji Andan " is , since there is
another Andan as well . That AndAn is Mudali AnDaan . 
KuratthAzhwAn and Mudali AnDan were described as
his thri daNDam and Pavithram by AchArya RaamAnuja .

Now , coming back to SomayAji AndAn , he was born in 1094 A.D.
andwas a direct disciple of AchArya RaamAnujA . He was an authority
on MImAmsaka Saasthram . He studied three times Sri BhAshyam under
ThirukkuruhaiippirAn PiLLaan.It is interesting to see how
PiLLAn , who created the unique style of writing in
MaNipravALam and used it for his Bhagavadh Vishayam 
commentary was also an authority on Sri Bhaashyam in the truly
Ubhaya VedAnthA tradition . This is Uttara MimAmsam.He was also an
expert in pUrva mImAmsam  as the name SomayAji ANDAn spells 
out.He must have done number of Soma YagAs or must ocme from 
a family of SomayAjis .The seven Soma Yaagams are :
AgnishtOmam ,AdhyagnishtOmam, Ukthyam , ShODasI , 
VaajabhEyam , AthirAthram , AbhdhOryAmam .They take 
five days to complete .They involve the recitation 
of Rg Veda manthrams and Saama ghAnam .The given name of 
SomAyAji ANDAn was Srirama Misrar.

He wrote SadarthasankshEpA , which covers the six topics of
Jeevan, Isvaran , nescience , way to destroy nescience(avidyA ), 
means to get Moksham and the nature of Moksham . This work is  
also out of reach .We know about it more from the works of
Swami Desikan and maeghanAdri, where they quote him .  

SomayAji AnDAn also elobarated on the Sri Sookthis of his
AchAryaa ( Sri RaamAnujA ) , but those Sri Sookthis 
known as VivaraNams are nolonger available to us.    

>The followers of Somayaji Andan are colloquially referred to
>as SomeshanDas in old Mysore. We are not SomeshanDas, -----

The other ANDAn: Mudali ANDAn
This Vadama Vaathula Gothra sambhava AchAryan was born in
Sri Purushamangalam , a village near Kaanchi .His father's name 
was Aananda Dikshithar and his mother's name was NaacchiyAr amman .
His given name was Daasarathy .His son is KanthADai ANDAn .
He is said to have lived 100 plus yers also.His ThiruvAradhana
Murthy was Azhagiya Singar ( MalOla Vigraham ).

Both KurEsan and MudaliyANDAn accompanied their
AchAryA to ThirukkottiyUr for the blessings of
manthrOpadEsam of Thirumanthiram . ThirukkOttiyUr
nambi asked Sri RaamAnujA to come alone . RaamAnujA 
explained that MudalANDAn and KurEsan are like his
ThridaNDam and pavithram and hence he can not
leave them behind.ThirukkOttiyUr nambi appreciated the daya
of Acharya RaamAnujA towards his sishyans and performed 
ManthrOpadEsam for them as well .

When Achaarya RaamAnuja received upadesam on 
charama slOkam , ThirukkOttiyUr nambi again protested 
to include the two sishyAs.AchAryA RaamAnuja responded 
by saying that he could not but reveal the meaning
to KurEsar . Nambi agreed , but sent back Mudali ANDAn.
RaamAnujA later asked Mudali ANDAn to return to 
ThirukkOshtiyUr to serve nambi and receive his
blessings.For six months ,ANDAn performed kaimkaryams
that pleased nambi . latter told that RaamAnujA will 
perform upadEsam of the meaning of Chaarama Slokam .

At KarnAtakA , there is a village called SaaLigramam 
inhabited by the worshippers of Sivan . When RaamAnujA
visited that village , the native were indifferent to
AchAryA because of their differnce in darsanam .
AchArya asked MudaliANDAn to go to the local PushkaraNi
and dip his feet into the water . Due to the glory
of the SripAdha Theertham of Mudali ANDAn connected
to his AchArya , the natives were transformed and blessed and
they became the sishyAs of AchArya RaamAnujA .  

In the OOrAn Vazhi AchArya paramparai , Mudali ANDAn
comes after KurEsar.Mudali ANDAn is also considered the 
Paadhukais of AchArya RaamAnujA .