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From: sudarshan (
Date: Sat Dec 12 1998 - 08:10:24 PST

Dear members who have been following the "agni-pravEsam" thread,

Thank you for your messages (special thanks to Srimathi.Andal & Sai
Sambaraju and Sri.Kalyan Raman). It came as more than a bit of a surprise
to me that the random musings of mine (jotted down over week-end
afternoons) struck such a deep chord in you all !!

Far from accruing any credit to myself (and believe me I am not being
insincerely modest here), it only proves how enduring and unfading is the
charm of the Ramayana tale. It does not matter how it is narrated .... in
the skillful manner of a deep Sanskrit pundit who can reel off Valmiki's
verses from memory or in the clumsy, laboured fashion of a rank amateur
like myself. As long as one approaches the epic with reverence and
affection for the central characters of Rama and Sita, one can be sure it
will work its unfailing magic on one's mind .... and tug at the
heart-strings too.

I consider it my privilege to share my own private enjoyment of the great
scenes of the Ramayana with you all ....if it gives you any sort of
happiness !!  

Since there are about a dozen of you who wrote saying you are following the
thread, I found routing private e-mails to all of you individually would be
rather cumbersome. So I have Sri.Mani's kind permission to continue the
thread on the main bhakti-list itself .... even if it means hogging
list-space during the while it takes to push the discussion post-by-post
onto its logical end. 

In the next post, we'll pick up again the thread which we left off at the
end of Musing#10 and see how it all goes. Sri.Rama will Himself steer the