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Appeal: Embaar Swamy temple (Madhuramangalam Village)

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Fri Dec 11 1998 - 17:25:25 PST

Dear Members,

I received this appeal for funds for renovating the shrine
of Sri Embaar (Govindacharyar), Ramanuja's cousin, at his
native place of Madhuramangalam.  I have spoken personally
to Mr. Parthasarathy, who is conducting the fund-raising
effort in this country, and he asked me to post this on
the Bhakti List. This is a very worthy cause, as can be
seen by the appeal itself.

I ask members to contribute whatever they can and send
their check to the contact address at the bottom of this email.

Thanking you,


SrImatE rAmAnujAya namaH

Sri Embaar Kainkarya Sabha
Maduramangalam Village
(60 Kms from Madras and 15 Kms from Sriperumbudur, India)

A. Santanam, President November 6, 1998
11-C, M.T.H. Road, Villivakkam, Madras - 600 049


Donations to complete pending renovation works in Sri Vaikunta
Perumal-Sri Embaar Swamy Temple.


Sri Embaar (b. 1026 A.D.) was a great Sri Vaishnava Acharya who
was born in the 11th century.  He was the cousin of Sri Ramanuja
who propagated Sri Visishtadvaita philosophy.  Sri Embaar was well
known for his erudition, mastery over the shastras, an
outstanding example for GURU-SHISHYA relationship (his guru being
Sri Ramanuja).  Sri Embaar had a great role in popularizing the
Sri Visishtadvaita philosophy.

At Maduramangalam Village near Madras, a temple has been
dedicated to Sri Vaikunta Perumal and Sri Embaar Swamy.  The
temple has four major shrines with Vimanams (overhead), five
Mandapams, a Rajagopuram, one Madappalli (temple kitchen), and a
550 feet long compound wall.

Renovation Efforts

The last renovation took place 75 years ago.  Normally, the
Samprokshanam (renovation) is taken up every 12 years.  The
entire temple needed extensive repairs.  In 1991, Balalayam took
place as a first step.  The renovation expenditure was estimated
at Rs. 7 lakhs.  For four years the work could not be taken up
for want of funds.

In April 1995 the work began and by Sept. 1996 with the help of
munificent contributions from devotees from all walks of life, 75
% of the renovation work was completed.  This facilitated the
celebration of Maha Kumbhabishekam on 17th November 1996.  A very
large number of devotees attended this milestone event.

    Pending Renovation Works are listed below: 

   a) Outer side of the 550 feet long compound wall (175 x 110 x 20 feet)
   b) Re-topping of the leaking roofs of the three Mandapams
   c) Re-topping of the kitchen roof
   d) Vaahana Mandapam and Avataara Sthala Mandapam

The estimated expenses for this project is Rs. 3 Lakhs.
Contributions are solicited from devotees by:

   a) Donations, big and small through checks drawn in favor of  
   b) Donations for specific items 
   c) Materials like Cement, Sand, Tiles, Gravel can be purchased 
      by the donor.  He can get the work done under his or her 
      own supervision. 

Since more funds are needed devotees are requested to come forth
with the donations for this most deserving noble Kainkaryam and
receive the blessings of Sri Vaikuntha Perumal and Sri Embaar
Swamy.  For more information contact:

    	  Mr. K.S. Parthasarathy,  
          Chairman, Souvenir Committee, Sri Embaar Kainkarya Sabha

          c/o Hari P. Kandadai  

          Phone: 602-857-1765

          1283, W. Parklane Blvd., 
          Apt # 280 Chandler, AZ 85224