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Date: Thu Dec 10 1998 - 14:41:44 PST


Dear Bhagavatas,
Presented below is Part 14 on the above subject being excerpts from my talk
during the 600th Anniversary Celebrations of Ahobila Matam held at New York
during the first week of September 1998.
Anbil Ramaswamy

Now and then, our Swami would pose some questions in the course of his
Kalakshepams. Maybe to ensure how alert the listeners is; Maybe to ensure a
more active listeners' participation; Maybe to illustrate some esoteric
underlying the context. Of course, he would finally provide the answers in his
own unique style. Like a born teacher, he would use this technique with
telling effect. 

I will mention a few by way of example. I will also give the answers as stated
by our Swami in a subsequent posting. Meanwhile, you may try to figure out the
answers. Let me assure you that it is not too difficult to find the answers,

 Quiz # 1: You are proceeding alone in a dense forest area. It is so dark and
there is not a single soul anywhere around who could guide. You do not know
the way to your destination. Suddenly you bump on a crossing of four roads.
You notice a pole indicating the directions lying on the ground at a distance.
How would you determine how to proceed to your destination?

 Quiz # 2: A similar one. In the above circumstances, it is time for you to
do your Sandya Vandanam. Even stars are not seen on the sky. You do not have
any instrument like mariner's compass. You do not see any water anywhere
nearby. How will you determine which is east and which is west and what will
you do to perform the Nityanushtana, when there is no water?

 Quiz # 3: Which is greater of the two? Lord's hands or his feet and why?

 Quiz # 4: You have read in Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam that Lakshmana promised
"Aham Sarvam Karishyaami". But, did he really act as promised? 

You have also read that when Sri Sita accused Ilayalwar of inappropriate
behavior on hearing Maricha's wail aloud in the voice of Rama "Hey! Lakshmana!
Hey Sita! He left Sita alone against the orders of Rama to guard her. 

Now, the question is what do you think Nammalwar would have done in similar
circumstances instead of Ilayalwar, to ensure obedience to the orders of both
Rama and Sita?

NOTE 1. There are indeed many more such queries but for want of space, I am
leaving them out here. 

NOTE 2. We propose to open up a feature of "Quiz Program" in Saranagathi
Journal shortly. You may await a volley of queries there and try to find
appropriate answers. Of course, we will publish the best answer in the next
issue and if no correct answer is received, we will provide them as per our

NOTE 3. We also propose to open a "Question Box" to accommodate queries and
doubts from our readers. We will try to answer them to the best of our
knowledge and ability. If, however, a query needs reference to source
materials or to our Acharyas back home, we will consult them in order to to
provide an authoritative reply. This will naturally be time-consuming and we
seek the indulgence of the readers.

(To Continue)