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Re: Mumukshu-ppadi vyAkhyAnam extract

From: Thirumalai Anandanpillai (
Date: Thu Dec 10 1998 - 12:43:40 PST

>Anything said in praise of Sri EmberumAnAr is honey
>to my ears.
>However good the translation might be, it cannot capture the
>music of the "mani-pravAlam" language nor the grandeur
>and felicity of Sri ManavAla MAmunigal's style.So I
>reproduce below for your delectation the original of
>the extract:
>"AdhikAri-dur-labhatvattAlum, artha-gauravattAlum, ittai
>veliyidAthE, maraittu-kkondu pOndArgal EmberumAnArukku
>munbullAr; samsArigal dur-ggati kandu porukka-mAttadapadi
>krupai karai-purandirukkaiyAlE, arthattin sIrmai pArAdE,
>anartha-ttaiyE pArttu, veliyitt-arulinAr EmberumAnAr."

dear bhAgavathAs,

    Nothing is more sweeter than reading and enjoying
the anubhavam of emperumAnAr's parama krupai for
us samsAris. My heartfelt thanks to maNi and sri. Bharat for
having reinforced to all of us what is probably the most
important feature of our dear sampradAyam - its
inclusiveness of all people. That is one important thing that
we all need to keep in our minds. Speaking
for myself, I am totally unqualified to even be near 
this sampradAyam. But our AchAryAs and elders, 
following in the tradition of our dear emperumAnAr have 
made the sampradAyam accessible to even me. If
we were born before emperumAnAr's time, it is very
questionable if we all will be able to enjoy our dear
emperumAn's kalyANa guNas even to the small extent
that we do nowadays. 

No wonder thiruvarangaththu amudanAr says

"iruppidam vaikunTham vEnkatam, mAlirun chOlai ennum 
 poruppidam mAyanukku enbar nallOR -  avai thannodum 
 vandhu iruppidam, mAyan irAmunusan manaththinravan
 vandhu iruppidam, endhan idhayaththuLLe thamakku inpuravE"

Let us all recite what thiruvarangaththu amudhanAr says

"palkalayOr thAm manna vantha irAmAnusan saraNAravindham
 nAm manni vAzha - nenchE solluvOm avan nAmaNgaLE"..

This posting also reminds me of thirRukkuRungudi -
the perumAL there - ninRa nambi, (mUlavar), vadivu azhagiya
nambi (utsavar) is considered to be a sishyA of emperumAnAr.
Our pUrvAchAryAs say that nambi was astonished to see the
number of people following Him and His commands through
the srI vAishNava sampradAyam during emperumAnAr's time.
So, He approached emperumAnAr and asked him this question.
Since, nambi was asking a question, He gave emperumAnAr
an Asanam (table like thing that is very much common in all
the temples) and requested emperumAnAr to sit on that so that
emperumAnAr was sitting higher than nambi. Then, with lot
of bhavyam, nambi asked this question to emperumAnAr. To that
emperumAnAr replied "nambiyE, the reason why so many people
did not follow You before me was because You were saying to 
people that 'I am great', 'I am perumAL', 'I will give you mOksham
if you surrender' and similar things. So, people were looking
upon you as an empty boaster. That is ulaka vazhakku. To me,
it is very easy - I say that perumAL is great, nambi is kind etc.. and
so people join me in becoming Your adiyArs". Some AchAryAs also
say that along with this, emperumAnAr "taught" perumAL the
thirumantrArtham as he explains to his sishyAs to enable perumAL
to understand the why more people followed him rather than
perumAL when He gave us the bhagavad gIta.

Even to this day, in ninRa nambi's sannadhi, there is an empty Asanam
to the left of perumAL that signifies that upadEsam that emperumAn
received from emperumAnAr.

My thanks especially to Sri. Bharat for having quoted the actual
mUlam from mumukshuppadi which is like adding sugar to
the taste of honey that we already have in our mouths after
reading maNi's posting. Reading jIyar's vyAkhyAnams and his
upadEsams is probably the sweetest and most satisfying
thing that one can experience..

AzhvAr emperumAnAr jIyar thiruvadigaLE saraNam,
adiyEn madhurakavi dAsan,
Thirumalai Anandanpillai Varadhan