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From: John Marshall / Jaya Tirtha Charan Dasa (
Date: Thu Dec 10 1998 - 06:15:27 PST

Dear Adyen,

Could any of you shed some light on this question that someone I know has
asked, please???

>2 years ago I went to India and I visit Chitrakoot, the place where Lord
>Rama was exiled. The Mandakini river flows there. The year before I had the
>honor to whorship a Govardhana-sila. So when I went to India I had a big
>desire to whorship the Lord in that form. So when we were in this place I
>could not stop the desire to take 3 ¨stones¨ from the river in the very
>place where the steps of Sita can be seen on the stones. My question is:
>There is any chance that this stones can be worshipped as silas or not?. 
>If they are not silas I get any benefit whorshiping them?.

Thank you for your anticipated help