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A correction to my earlier message

From: T.V.Venkatesh (
Date: Wed Dec 09 1998 - 00:58:50 PST

                            SrimathE NArAyaNAya namaha

On 8/Dec/98 I wrote :
					-- Quote --

Even ThiruppallANDu and ThiruppaLLiyezhuchi are not to be recited. 
Exemption is only during the Dhanur mAsam days. However during the 
SAtrumurai, the four + 8 verses of ThiruppallANDu are not recited. 
ThiruppAvai is recited once again only during the Dhanur mAsam.

				-- Unquote ----

This may be slightly misleading. Please note that ThiruppallANDu is 
not recited even during the Dhanur mAsam days. Only time when 
ThiruppallANDu is recited is during the pagal patthu "mudhalAyiram" 
thoDakkam and in rAppatthu before the "ThiruvAimozhi".
My sincere apologies to all bhAgavathAs for this misleading words.

adiyEn RAmAnuja dAsan

Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh
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