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Santhyavadanam and Gayathri mantra

From: Sathyanarayanan K (
Date: Mon Dec 07 1998 - 02:56:28 PST

Respected Devotees,

I am member of this forum, who joined very recently(by the very grace of 
Sri Emperumaanar). I would like to have a few very long desires of mine 
satisfied through this forum. if possible.

They are:

1. What is meant by Santhyavadanam? Why it is done? What is the exact 
ritual to be followed? What are the slokas to be recited?

2. What is Gayathri Mantra? Can anyone of you give a text form of it, so 
that I can learn.

To say the truth, no one revealed me these things as I am a non-brahmin 
(allegedly Sudra, at that!). I came from a brahmin dominated school and 
I was forsaken from my childhood by many of them who think that the Lord 
is a property of themselves alone. Please do not mistake me, as I am 
just mentioning the sheer fact and I am not intended to hurt anyone's 
feelings. But thanks to the Lord who time to time teach these trivias, 
by many events for instance those happened to SRI THIRUPAANAZHVAAR.

I hope that I could get a good response to my above queries from this 
elited forum, as all members are following the foot prints of SRI 
RAMANUJA, who by himself pronounced the(esoteric) mantra of SriMan 
Narayanan from a high temple tower. As you may be knowing, he did so 
mainly to benefit all people and to emphasize that the Lord is common to 
all, from a begger to a king. This arised much of anger among the 
brahmins at that time and they even tried to kill our Ilaiyazhvaar. 
However they could not succeed as the Lord himself stood by Sri 

Hope to hear from any of you. Sri Mani Varadahrajan, if you are reading 
this, please enlighten me.

Azhvaar Thiruvadigale Saranam

Emperumaanaar Thiruvadigale Saranam

Achaaryan Thiruvadigale Saranam


Sathyanarayana Ramanujadasan.

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