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Naanmugan Thiruvandhaadhi-10- KaaraNan nee; KaRRavai nee; KaRpavai nee

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Dec 07 1998 - 01:44:40 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

This is the final six (91-96) of Thirumazhisaiyaar’s Naanmugan 
Thiruvandhaadhi. In the end, I have attempted to jot down what little I 
understood as the essence of Naanmugan Thiruvandhaadhi. Again, I grab 
this opportunity to thank you and prostrate at the feet of all 
BhAgawathAs, who have encouraged me privately and publicly. Thanks for 
giving me another opportunity to perform this kaimkaryam. 

91. thamaraavaar yaavarkkum thaamarai mElaaRkum/
amararkkum aad(um) aravatthaaRkum- amarakaL/
thaaL thaamarai malargaL ittu iRanchi*- maalvaNNan/
thaaL thaamarai adaivOm enRu.

Whoever they are- if they are the BhakthAs of the dark hued Emperumaan, 
and pay their obeisance to Him, by offering most fragrant flowers at the 
Lotus Feet and are determined that they will reach His Lotus Feet- then, 
they all will become the Masters of even BrahmA, Sivan, Indran  dEvAs, 
and all others too. 

92. enRum maRandhaRiyEn an nenjatthE vaitthu/
ninRum irundhum nedumaalai- enRum/
thiruvirundha maarbhan srIdharanukku aaLaayk/
karuvirundha naaL mudhalaak kaappu.

Since the day, I was in the Garbhasthaanam (as the foetus), I am being 
protected by Sriya: pathih Sriman Narayanan (who has Periya piraaTTi in 
His Chest), and I am being ruled by Emperumaan. I am blessed to retain 
Him in my heart at all times and am blessed  to think of Him always 
without fail. (AzhwAr was blessed by Divya Damapti to become a full born 
Divine baby with Divya tEjas, from a still born lump of flesh with no 
hands, or legs, or any part) 

93. kaappu maRandhaRiyEn kaNNanE enRiruppan/
aapa~n kozhiyavum palluyirkkum- aakkai/
kodutthaLittha kOnE! GuNa paranE! – unnai/
vidatth thuNiyaar mey theLindhaar thaam.

During that praLaya kaalam (cosmic cycle), even though the indhriyAs 
(the sense organs and the sarIram) get disengaged from the AthmAs (and 
are retained by Emperumaan in His stomach) and are brought back to the 
sarIrams after the praLayam and AthmAs get their chances again! 
EmperumaanE! You are so merciful and KaruNAkaran! I CAN NEVER EVER 
FORGET the Protection and Mercy due to which, You saved me, are saving 
me and will save me. I am determined and am firm that YOU ALONE ARE THE 
UPAAYAM AND THE PHALAM (the Means and the End- the Way and the Goal). Oh 
KalyaaNa guNagaNouka mahaarNavaa! Lord of Samastha kalyANa guNAs! Those 
who have a clear knowledge (jnAnam) of Your SwarUpam, will NEVER (dare) 

94. mey theLindhaar yen cheyyaar? vERaanaar neeRaagak/
kai theLindhu kaattik kaLappadutthup- pai theLindha/
paambhin aNaiyaay aruLaay adiyERkku/
vEmbhum kaRiyaagumEnRu.

What can those BhAgawathAs (who have the jnAnam of Your SwarUpam) NOT 
do? Whatever they think they should do, they will be able to do. (They 
are so blessed by Emperumaan!). You destroy (burn) the enemies (of those 
who take refuse in You) to ashes, and save them (like You enabled 
PaaNdavaas win against DuryOdhanaadhis and destroyed the Kauravaas.) Oh 
EmperumaanE! The One who has the AdhiSeshan as Your Bed! Please consider 
this lowly self as Your servant and save me also. (for example, one can 
even desire and consider consuming the Veppilai, the most bitter one 
also- similarly, You should desire to save me, even though I am useless 
like the vEppilai)- (Does AzhwAr mean “karivEppilai”?).

95. yEnrEn adimai yizhindhEn piRappidumbhai/
aanREn amarkku amaraamai- aanREn/
kadan naadum maNNaadum kaivittu/
idanaadu kaaNa ini.

I have (been blessed to possess) the eternal servitude to Emperumaan. I 
am (blessed to be) able to get rid of ahankaara, mamakaaram (“I” and 
“mine”) and the vicious cycle of births and the associated sorrows. I am 
(blessed to be) able to have the jnAnam and bhakti about Emperumaan, 
which even dEvAs do not possess and can not reach; Having brushed aside, 
the Swargam (heaven) and the materialistic/ worldly pleasures, I am now 
blessed with Paramabhakti to see and enjoy the Most Divine place 
Srivaikuntam, which is full of His Servants and is the Most Beautiful 
and Highest Supreme Place of all. 

96. iniyaRindhEn eesaRkum naanmugaRkum deivam/
inyaRindhEn Emperumaan unnai- iniyaRindhEn/
kaaRaNan nee; kaRRavai nee; kaRpavai nee- naRkirisai 
naaraNan nee; nangu aRindhEn naan/

(A LOVELY pAsuram! An assertive POSITIVE Truth strongly given to us by 
the One who had searched everywhere; went into Saivism, Buddhism, 
Jainism, etc.. and was initiated by pEyAzhwAr; He has blessed us with 
the Ultimate Parathvam in Sriman Narayanan!)

EmperumaanE! I have now known about You, who is the Lord of BrahmA and  
Sivan; who is my Lord also; (akila jagadh Swami; asmath Swamin; - akila 
jagan maatharam; asmath maatharam); who is the Cause of all worlds; who 
is the essence of all that has been known; all that we are going to 
know; who is Sriman Narayanan, the One who is so merciful to protect 
(us), without expecting anything (from us); (You have such Grandest Most 
auspicious attributes with You!); - All of these knowledge– I HAVE NOW 


ThirumazhisaiAzhwAr, who is the disciple of pEyAzhwAr- has firmly 
established the truth, that Sriman Narayanan ALONE is the Para tatvam; 
There is no other god; who can be equal to Him; (why to talk about 
superior to Him?) SarvEshawaran Narayanan alone is Cause of all worlds; 
and all jIvAthmAs. He is the antharyaami in all beings; and is the 
director of all their efforts, nature, state, etc..; Even BrahmA, Sivan 
and other dEvAs can NOT get to know of the Vaibhavam of Sriman 
Narayanan. Sivan himself, had categorically told MarkaNdEyar that he 
also pays his obeisance to Sriman Narayanan and Sriman Narayanan alone 
can grant mOksham; Brahman, Sivan and all other demigods too, are 
protected by Sriman Narayanan alone. 

AzhwAr also, tells about himself: I am blessed by the grace of 
Emperumaan and am blessed with the correct knowledge (jnAnam); I am 
blessed to get rid of all my future births and associated sorrows, by 
becoming His eternal servant. I will spend all my time singing in praise 
of Him alone and paying obeisance to Him as pastime; That is all what I 
want and that’s enough for me; Emperumaan, out of His great love for me, 
had willingly come and has been residing in my heart. He also, shows 
Himself most gracefully at all DivyadEsams to bless me with His darshan. 

AzhwAr’s uadEsam (to us): Offer flowers at the Lotus Feet of such 
Greatest Emperumaan; Think of His Most merciful Charama slOkam and its 
essence/meanings and get saved by surrendering to His Lotus Feet! Even 
if you forget that, and still do not PAY YOUR OBEISANCE TO OTHER 
Yama); and they will NOT DARE come near you at all! 

aalOdya sarva saasthrANi vichaaryascha puna: puna: /
idham yEkam sunishparNam dhyEyO nArAyaNas sadhaa: 

(Sage VyAsA  “I have carried out all research in  all saashtrAs; I have 
done all investigations; Wherever I see, I find only this truth 
reverberating in all saasthrAs- i.e. Sriman Narayanan alone is The Only 
One Lord in all of them”)

Please forgive me for all errors/mistakes; Please correct me. 

ThirumazhisaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Warm regards.

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan


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