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Re: More on chanting of Prabandam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Dec 06 1998 - 07:24:24 PST

Dear Sri Govindharajan :
Thaks very much for your timely input.
I am making soem inquiries to get any variations
at different divya desams on the chronology and content
of observances of Anadhyayanam . Your version is 
very  much in vogue and my curiosity is to get 
a full perspective .If anything comes out of my inquiries
with Sri V.N.Gopala DesikAchAr swamy of Oppilaippan koil ,
ThiruvallikkENi AdhyApAkAs (  Sri Viji triplicane ) ,
Kanchipuram ( Sri Varadhan ) , Sri Mani Varadarajan ,
Professor VasudhA Narayanan ( keen student of the Recitation
tradition ) ,  Sri Anbil Swami , Sri Dileepan and
others , I will sumamrize the collective inputs .

Meanwhile , Please accept my sincere thanks for
the timely information sought by our friends in Baharain
and Singapore as well as here .I will try to speculate on
the reaon for the anaadhyanam of some of the Paasurams
during this period . May I also request other members
to share with us their knowledge onthe subject ?

I will also write on the description of the Pakal and Iraa Patthu 
festivals at Srirangam to provide the backdrop for 
the anadhyayanam & Adhyayanam .



At 10:56 PM 12/5/98 EST, you wrote:
>I have some information about chanting during anadyayanam and after.
>One version is that starting from Dec 3, 1998 chanting of entire prabandam
>is suspended including Thiruppallandu and Thiruppavai pasurams (last two).
>Between Dec 3 to Dec 18, 1998, tamil prabandams of Sri. Desikar (Adaikkalapthu,
>Adhikara sangraham, Prabandasaram, Pillai Anthathi & others) and of 
>Sri. ManavALa MAmunigaL (Upadhesa Rathhina mAlai) are recited. 
>During Dhanur masam (Dec 16, 1998 to Jan 14, 1999), Thiruppalliyezhuchi and 
>Thiruppavai are only chanted. (In Sattumurai, thiruppallandu is
>not recited; last two verses from Adaikkalapathu or Upadesa rathina mAlai can 
>also be chanted). The tamil prabandams of Sri. Desikar and Sri. ManavALa
>MAmunugal can be still recited during this period.
>>From Dec 19, '98 to Jan 7'99, the entire Prabanda pasurams are
>chanted including Thiruppallandu (being the first verse) in the nalayiram.
>On Jan 8, 1999 Iyarpa is chanted. Between Jan 9 thru Feb 4, 1999, the
>of prabandam is suspended. During the above period, again tamil prabandams of
>Sri. Desikar and Sri. ManavALa mAmunigaL are recited.  From Feb 5, 1999  (Thai-
>Hastam) the recitation of NAlAyira Prabandam is resumed.