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From: Hema Srinivasan (
Date: Thu Dec 03 1998 - 10:35:56 PST

Dear Bhagavathas,
    My thanks to SRi. Mani Varadarajan for accepting my subscription 
to this list. This time I must have done something right for I am 
getting messages from Bhakti list.  I am overwhelmed by the deapth 
of the discussion and the overflowing and infectious enthusiasm  for SriVaishnavism in these messages.   

My name is Hema Srinivasan and we live in Columbia, Missouri.  We are
interested in bringing some of the ideals and ideas of SriVaishnavism 
and Hinduism in general to the interested children here.  Would you 
please share any resources and ideas you have on this?  The resource 
materials has to be in Tamil or English.  I am not proficient in 
any other languages.  Naturally, it would be nice to find things that 
are especially suitable for children ( 7 - 10 years) and 
have worked well in similar settings.  

One of the things I would like is to  have short stories (in the form of skits perhaps) about Alwars to be presented by the children.  We are meeting 
this Saturday (Dec 5) to start.  I am planning on a small story about 
Tirupannalwar and a very brief video presentation of Ther of Narasimhar from 
Parthasarathy koil from this summer.  I will only have 5 - 10 minutes 
every time.  Any ideas and suggestions  from you will be greatly 

Many many thanks for your time and attention.   
  Sincerely,   Hema  

Hema Srinivasan, 
Professor of Mathematics,
225 Math. Sciences Building,
University of Missouri-Columbia,
Columbia, MO-65211, USA
573-882-1869 (FAX)