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From: Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan (
Date: Wed Dec 02 1998 - 16:28:38 PST


	Dearest Sri Anbil mama,

	If you are so blessed to have the present Jeer as your AchArya, and
Guide and are so close to him, automatically we get close to Him through our
association with you. It is really our fortune to be connected to such a
Great sishya of the Greatest AchAryA. Your narration is as usual superb and
it is not uncommon.

	You wrote...
>  In a sense, we are more blessed than our Acharya. Do you know why? 
> He worships Laksminarasimhan only; But, we are doubly fortunate since we
> worship not only Lakshmi Narasimhan, the 'Aradhya'  but also our Swami who
> is
> the 'Aradhaka' of Lakshmi Nrasimhan !
	In fact, a week back, we were fortunate to get a video cassette
(from another srivaishnava at Singapore)  on Ahobila Mutt released by Manian
(of jnAna bhUmi) wherein we were excited to see the 44th Pattam Jeer taking
all troubles and efforts to go up the Sri ranga RajagOpuram, crawling at
nooks and corners to see the development and construction of the Gopuram;
One can wonder how he is able to do at that age! A Great Swami he was! And
then the cassette showed all AhObilam temples with the commentary from none
other than Our Present Jeer. So sweet and so simple!

	He spoke about Sri Narsimhan. He gave an interesting simili. One guy
is used to drinking milk lnly (without sugar) and the other is used to only
sugar (and never had added milk to it). Someone told them to try both
together and they did and drank and found themselves so happy to have tasted
such a Great drink which they had never tasted in their lives. Similarly,
the Matsya, kUrma avtaars, are like sugars; Rama krishna avtaars are like
Milk (without sugar) and Sri Narasimha avtaar alone is the right combination
of Milk and sugar. That taste is the Supreme taste of ALL. 

	Even adiyEn could understand! That is the power of His speech!

	Narayana Narayana

	Narayana dAsan