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Date: Wed Dec 02 1998 - 07:21:09 PST


Dear Bhagavatas,
Presented below is Part 4 on the above subject being excerpts from my talk
during the 600th Anniversary Celebrations of Ahobila Matam held at New York
during the first week of September 1998.
Anbil Ramaswamy
=============================================================HIS CONCERN FOR

 The very first question that our Acahrya poses whenever one enters his
presence is "Have you taken meals ?"; the first advice he would give is to
direct one to go and take food before visiting him again !

 Even though he has 1000s of Sishyas, devotees and admirers, he remembers
every one of them by name and every detail of their family backgrounds, their
occupations, their connections etc with unerring accuracy.  It is astonishing
how he updates his database so well that even if one were to meet him once in
a blue moon, he can recall to the minutest detail almost instantaneously ! HE

 His Sishya Vaatsalyam is evident from the way he presents the subjects to
them in terms of what Swami Desikan characterizes as "Anreendha Kanrukkirangi
Surakkum Dhenuvaip pol" (meaning) like the mother cow that lovingly gives milk
to the just born calf.

 The way he teaches would confirm his aim to make everyone a Vidwan like

 He is honest in his approbation and lavish in his praise for his Sishyas-
not that we deserve the same. Imperceptibly, by such praise, he would
encourage us to live up to his expectations !

 He would cherish  every Sishya as if he were a close friend whose friendship
he cannot afford to lose ! Did not Swami Desika describe the Lord as
"Saranaagatha Pranaya Bhanga Bheetho Bhavaan"meaning that 
the Lord appeared as if he was afraid of losing the goodwill of the
Saranagatha (one who had surrendered to Him) " ?.

 Being an expert in Vyakarana Satra as in every other branch of study,
whether in speaking or in writing, there will be no grammatical error in any
of his presentations. Indeed, he is like what Kamban described Anjaneya  as
"Sollin Selvan".

 Like each of the wives of Sage Soubhari who claimed that the Sage liked her
only to the exclusion of all his other wives, every Sishya is made to feel
that the Swami is dear to him / her only exclusively.

 Also, like each of the Gopis felt the love of Kannan as her own exclusive
privilege, every Sishya would feel exclusively close to the Swami. In this
connection, it is interesting to note, that though his official name in his
Poorvaasramam was Krishnamachari, his pet name at home was "Kannan". No
wonder, we feel like Gopis drawn to Kannan ! Such is the feeling of intimacy
he instills in anyone who comes into contact with him. What Magic, What
Formula, What Charishma  he has to so entice everyone thus is really beyond
our comprehension.

 I have had several occasions when I asked  him doubts both during
Kalakshepams and in private at his home. He has been ever ready and with
convincing answers at all times whether orally or in writing. Since, he is on
Sancharam nowadays, he has advised  me to send my letters to a camp where he
was likely to stay for longer periods, lest my letters should fail to reach

 In a sense, we are more blessed than our Acharya. Do you know why? 
He worships Laksminarasimhan only; But, we are doubly fortunate since we
worship not only Lakshmi Narasimhan, the 'Aradhya'  but also our Swami who is
the 'Aradhaka' of Lakshmi Nrasimhan !
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