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Re: tiru aradhana during maargazhi
Date: Wed Dec 02 1998 - 05:45:45 PST

Dear Mani and Prapatti Group members:

Sri Anand wrote:
>     Yes. This is a special tiru-ArAdhanam during dhanur mAsam     and is
> not the usual Ijyai.

Can someone, perhaps Anand himself, provide us with a
brief description of the krama (procedure) of this special
ArAdhanam? Does it also involve all the same Asanas
and upacAras?

Adiyen's reply:

The Dhanurmasa Aradhanam is done before the Prathah Sandhyavandhanam and
during the Usha: KAlam (begins roughly 2 hrs. before sunrise).  It involves
the same Asanams and upachAras as in the regular ArAdhanam.  During the
mantrAsanam the following line is substituted. "ChApa mAsa gate Bhanu:
Usha: kAloyamagata:, SambhruthAschaiva......" etc.

>     prAtah sandhyAvandanam is not to be done strictly    during sun
> rise; rather before sun rises and  when stars are
>     still visible.

Are you certain of this? I am pretty sure I have read
that one must begin the sandhyA before sunrise, but ideally,
the japam should be done as the sun rises (and as the sun
sets in the evening), because one is supposed to meditate
on the adorable effulgence (savitur vareNyam) of the sun
which has as its inner controller Narayana. Vijayaraghavan
S., if you are reading, can you clarify?

Adiyen's reply:

What Anand says applies to Argya pradhAnam.  Gayatri Japam is done during
sunrise.  In fact Navalpakkam Swami used to say that the Japam should be
done in the "open" so that the sunlight (Bhargha:) falls on our "Moordhna"
or the head.  In any case the upasthanam is positively done after sunrise.

>    SandhyAvandanam has to be done anyway before sun rise.   Dhanur mAsa
> special tiru-ArAdhanam is also done before
>    sun rise. But, this is not "Ijyai" (usual tiru-ArAdhanam) .
>    A gruhastA has to perform pancha mahA yaj~nAs and also
>    the Ijyai as usual. dhanur mAsam ArAdhanam is a special
>    additional ArAdhanam during the Brahma muhurtam.

So am I to take it that this ArAdhanam is to be performed
immediately after prAtah sandhyA?

Adiyen's reply

It is done before Sandhya and completed before sunrise.

tirukkacci nambi dAsan,

Bhaghavatharguladaya Dasan