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Naanmugan Thiruvandhaadhi- 9 "uLan kaNdaay! nan nenjE!".

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Dec 01 1998 - 22:43:40 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Let us get back to Thirumazhisai AzhwAr’s Naaanmugan Thiruvandhaadhi, 
the penultimate ten, of 81 to 90. It is an excellent ten, so far!

81. You, an epitome of jnAnam and Shakthi, have enabled Yourself to be 
the most appropriate meaning by blessing me with these Prabhandhams in 
Tamil words and have intertwined with these words as if the water mixes 
with the waters. What a dayALan You Are! Thus, I am able to get rid of 
the doubt that I had whether I have the mind that is hurdle for reaching 
You or it is an aid for seeing You. Such confusions and doubts are all 
over. (I am NOW clear. You are very much there to bless me. )

82. SarvEshwaran is the father of Cupid (manmathan).This Lord of DevAs, 
DevAdhi dEvan, is the Greatest Lord who can not be understood and 
praised / worshipped by offering flowers even by BrahmA, Sivan and other 
dEvAs. Such a Lord has entered into my heart. Is there anything better 
than this? NO. NOT AT ALL!

83. This sarvEshwaran, the One who has the Divine Conch and ChakrA in 
His Hands, acts as the Kings, who protect and save their people; acts as 
dEvAs, who enable the rains to fall down on the Earth; is the Heaven 
that offers fruits to one for his puNyams (Good deeds); is the humans 
who are so hospitable to their relations and bhandhus/friends; is the 
One who does ONLY Good to us, like our mothers; and He does in all sorts 
of ways and means only good to us; - Even after all these, He is still 
not satisfied and offers more and more to His devotees; Finally He 
grants them by Himself, the Grandest One -the mOkshAnubhavam.

84. Since I have the daily duty  (Nitya karma) of paying obeisance and 
prostrating to the Lotus Feet of the King KaNNapiraan, I have (been 
blessed to have) no flickering mind. I am equal to even Sivan in terms 
of this jnAnam that I (am blessed to) possess on my Emperumaan. But , to 
investigate further, and compared to Sivan (who worships Lord Sriman 
Narayanan, only when satva guNam is high in him (sivan)), I am even 
better (due to the Grace of Sriya: Pathih Sriman Narayanan) for paying 
obeisance to Him and for holding on to His Feet always and at all times.

85. Ramapiraan, - the KothaNda rAman, who killed Vaali, the angry, proud 
and arrogant monkey king, is here most gracefully in my heart. Hence, my 
only work/duty is talk in praise of this Primoridal Chief, SarvEshwaran, 
Sri Ramachandra mUrthy. My only pastime is my Raama naama 

86. Oh My dearest supporting mind! (uLan kaNdaay! nan nenjE!.. utthaman 
enRum uLan kaNdaay! uLLuvaar uLLatthu uLan kaNdaay… What a Beautiful 
Line! I always get lost in this line, Dearest Sisters and Brothers!). 
Without expecting anything in return, Emeprumaan- PurushOtthaman- is 
here -right here- to save us and protect us; At all times, and at all 
places, He is always there to save us; He always resides permanently in 
the minds of those who just show their inclination to think of Him. 
See!, Emperumaan, who has NONE EQUAL TO HIM, who is Equal to HIM ONLY, 
is here as my rakshakan, for me (who has NO OTHER REFUGE EXCEPT HIM), 
and others (like me) who have NO OTHER MEANS TO ATTAIN HIM. Realise that 
Completely and firmly, my mind!

87. Who is the One who ate everything that was otherwise meant for 
Indran and then saved the cattle by lifting Govardhana giri, from the 
torrential rains, that were sent by angry Indran?  It is not a cowherd 
boy; He is Emperumaan Sriya: Pathih Sriman Narayanan. He is the 
Primordial Chief, who had established the vaidheeka religion. He 
protects that even today. (i.e Ramanuja Siddhaantham). He is the One who 
saved NeelakaNTan and Naanmukhan from great severe dangers. Isn’t He is 
the One who ate and saved the sakala jIvAthmAs and the Universe during 
PraLyam? Who else is there, dear?

88. When this AthmA, gets rid of this sarIram and is about to be caught 
by Yama dhUthAs, Emperumaan, rushes to reach there and alleviates all 
sorrows/hurdles of His bhakthAs and saves them- “There is nothing that 
needs to be done, except singing in praise of Him, openly and loudly 
about His GuNAs”- Those who think of their such true swarUpam and 
realise this, only WILL BE SAVED. Other “aRpars” (lowly materialists and 
of non and wrong religious groups)), with other work/duties (running 
amuck after the worldly desires for sarIra / worldly relations), are all 

89. pazhudhu aagaadhu onRu aRindhEn paaRkadalaan paadham/
vazhuvaa vagai ninaindhu vaikal – thozhuvaaraik/
kaNdu iRainji vaazhvaar kalandha vinai kedutthu/
viN thiRandhu veeRRiruppaar mikku.

I am blessed to have learnt the best means (upaayam) which is not wrong 
or spoilt or destroyed or distorted; What is that? Listen to me; Those 
who see, pay obeisance and prostrate always to the BhAgawathAs, (who 
surrender to the Lotus Feet of Ksheeraabhdhi Nathan Sriman Narayanan 
without fail, and mediate on Him always), will be able to GET RID OF ALL 
THEIR ACCUMULATED HUGE AMOUNT OF SINS, and be saved. They will be 
gracefully present at the entrance of Paramapadham where the gates will 
be wide open for them.  

90. Those who wish to live here in this world with fame and prosperity 
and then to rule the Paramapadham, are the ones who pay obeisance to 
Lord of ThiruvEmkatam, by offering flowers with piety and sincerity. 
Those who can know and realise what could be running in Emperumaan’s 
mind and do that pleases Him, become His Great BhakthAs, and are loved 
by Emperumaan as His abhimaanis, and ARE MUCH BETTER THAN EVEN THE 

ThirumazhisaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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