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Re: Freudian slip?

From: A. Bharat (
Date: Tue Dec 01 1998 - 11:21:20 PST

[a private email that I have taken the liberty of
 forwarding to the net. -- Mani]

Dear Mani

with ref to the following extremely significant comment
from Sri Sudarsan,I would like to quote from a famous
passage from Sri Nambillai's EEDU vyakhyanam for
Tiruvaymozhi 7.3.7:

"idukku AlavandAr aruli-ch-cheyyumpadi: nEtra doshattAle
vandadu pOkki dEpa dOshattAle vanda-danru enru" 

the fault was with the diseased eye and not with the light
which the diseased eye could not stand!

The ParamAchArya clearly states that the example chosen
by RAma either deliberately or unconsciously(Freudian Slip)
reveals what is in His mind.

"prAptachAritra-sandEhA mama pratimUKhE stiThA I
 depO nEtrAturasyEva pratikoolAsI may driDam I"
I can't stand the sight of you, Sita .... you are revolting to
eyes flinch from you as if they were diseased and can't bear the glare of
Now, the last mentioned statement above of Lord Rama is a curious statement
indeed. It has all the prima facie colours of a great, monumental "Freudian

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