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tiru aradhana during maargazhi

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Tue Dec 01 1998 - 11:36:36 PST

Dear Bhaktas,

During the month of maargazhi, which we
will be upon us in two weeks' time, tiru-ArAdhanam 
is supposed to be done before sunrise, as I
understand it.

My doubt is as follows: on ordinary days, those
of us who have the yajnopavIta are supposed to 
first do prAtah sandhyAvandanam as the sun
rises, then continue with brahma yajnam and
other nitya-karmas, followed by mAdhyAhnikam, 
and then finally ArAdhanam. [Those without
the yajnopavIta, including women, are (luckily?)
free from many of these obligatory karmas and can 
straightaway proceed to the pleasing duty of

What is the procedure during maargazhi? It is
incumbent upon us, if at all possible, to begin
prAtah sandhyAvandanam before sunrise and 
do the morning gAyatri-japam as the sun rises.
Does this mean that ArAdhanam should be performed
before sandhyAvandanam during maargazhi? 

Those in the know are requested to please fill
me in on the details.

tirukkacci nambigaL daasan