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Food for thought
Date: Tue Dec 01 1998 - 06:00:38 PST

Dear Prapatti Group Members:

Shri Govindarajan wrote:

I went to Gaya to perform Thiruvidyanam (Sradhham). The ritual started at
about 8 A.M. (and would go up to 3 p.m.) The brahaspati asked us to drink
coffee (served). (I did not drink the coffee.) I asked him that there
be nothing in the stomache. He told us that it is important to concentrate
rituals instead of feeling hungry.

In Srirangam, Samopakarmam would start around 8 A.M. in the Thirumanjana
Kaveri and would go up to 2 p.m. The vAdyar would recommend us to have
and coffee (at home) before the start.

I wrote all these in terms of practicality. It is up to the individual.

Is there anyone who can explain the "Ahara Niyamam" by Sri. Vedantha
as applicable to modern days?

Vachaka Doshah Kshandavyah



Adiyen thinks that many people do not appreciate the efficacy of fasting
during religious observances and on one pretext or the other they like to
find a way around it.  This goes along with our general tendency to find a
easy way out in our undertakings.

I think the trouble with admitting leniency is where do we draw the line.
As far as our poorvAcharyas were concerned they were very strict unless
dictated by medical reasons.  I have personally experienced better
concentration and proper pronunciation of mantras during fasting.  Apart
from its spiritual benefit, fasting in my opinion is like having a sound
sleep.  A rest to the digestive system.  It is refreshing and it also
rejuvenates the taste-buds.