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Everything is for Naaraayana

From: Krishna Susarla (
Date: Tue Dec 30 1997 - 12:56:19 PST

naaraayaNaparaa vedaa devaa naaraayaNaa.ngajaaH |

naaraayaNaparaa lokaa naaraayaNaparaa makhaaH || Bhaa P 2.5.15 ||

naaraayaNa - the Supreme Lord; paraaH - is the cause and is meant for; vedaaH - knowledge; devaaH - the demigods; naaraayaNa - the Supreme Lord; a.nga-jaaH - assisting hands; naaraayaNa - the Personality of Godhead; paraaH - for the sake of; lokaaH - the planets; naaraayaNa - the Supreme Lord; paraaH - just to please Him; makhaaH - all sacrifices.

The Vedic literatures are made by and are meant for the Supreme Lord, the demigods are also meant for serving the Lord as parts of His body, the different planets are also meant for the sake of the Lord, and different sacrifices are performed just to please Him (bhaagavata puraaNa 2.5.15).

naaraayaNaparo yogo naaraayaNapara.m tapaH |

naaraayaNapara.m j~naana.m naaraayaNaparaagatiH || Bhaa P 2.5.16 ||

naaraayaNa-paraH - just to know NaaraayaNa; yogaH - concentration of mind; naaraayaNa-param - just with an aim to achieve NaaraayaNa; tapaH - austerity; naaraayaNa-param - just to realize a glimpse of NaaraayaNa; j~naanam - culture of transcendental knowledge; naaraayaNa-paraa - the path of salvation ends by entering the kingdom of NaaraayaNa; gatiH - progressive path.

All different types of meditation or mysticism are mans for realizing NaaraayaNa. All austerities are aimed at achieving NaaraayaNa. Culture of transcendental knowledge is for getting a glimpse of NaaraayaNa, and ultimately salvation is entering the kingdom of NaaraayaNa (bhaagavata puraaNa 2.5.16).

translations by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami. Copyright, BBT. Used with permission.

H. Krishna Susarla
UT Southwestern Class of 1999
(my opinions are my own)