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bhajan - jaanakii naath sahaay kare.n

From: Shree (
Date: Fri Dec 26 1997 - 16:37:18 PST

	jaanakii naatha sahaaya kare.n jaba kauna bigaa.Da kare nara tero ..
When Jaanakii's Lord Raama is with you (is your helper), then who can spoil
anything / who can cause any problems for you.
	suraja ma.ngala soma bhR^igusuta budha aur guru varadaayaka tero .
	raahu ketu kii naahi.n gamyataa sa.nga shaniichara hota uchero ..
(When Shri Raama is on your side, then) the planets sun, mars, moon,
mercury, venus and jupiter become benevolent towards you, Rahu & Ketu lose
their powers and the company of Shani (saturn) causes growth.
	dushhTa duHshaasana vimala draupadii chiira utaara kuma.ntara prero .
	taakii sahaaya karii karuNaanidhi ba.Dha gaye chiira ke bhaara ghanero ..
When wicked duHshaasana made the evil plan to pull off the robe of noble
Draupadi, (our Lord, who is) the ocean (store) of mercy, came to her rescue
and her saree increased manifold (and duHshaasana had to give up).
	jaakii sahaaya karii karuNaanidhi taake jagata me.n bhaag ba.Dhe ro .
	raghuva.nshii sa.ntana sukhadaayii tulasiidaasa charanana ko chero ..
Whoever Lord Raama helps, they are indeed very fortunate (their fortune
increases in the world). Hence Tulasidas only wants to be the servant of
the lotus-feet of Lord Raama who bestows happiness to all saints  (good
This is my first attempt ever at a translation, I apologise for the
mistakes / misinterpretations which are there. Please feel free to correct
them. I only hope that I have succeeded in conveying, at least, a gist of
the meaning of this bhajan by Goswami Tulasidas. Those who are interested
in knowing more about him and his writings may want to read his biography
from Giri's page at

raama raam!