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Re: bhakti literature from North India

From: Shree (
Date: Fri Dec 26 1997 - 16:03:17 PST


> >>> I noticed that many messages have references to Tamil.  I am from
> >>> Hariyana, and am totally ignorant of the Tamil language.
> >You will not find many/any references to bhakti literature from
> >North India - that discussion is considered outside the 'scope of this list'.
> Bhakti is incessant love and hence knows no language.
> To let others know what Bhakti can do and how great "it" is great
> people/avatars have passed on their experiences for the good of this world, 
> in the form of compositions.

> So if someone is willing to share the greatness of Bhakti (which is language
> independent) he or she should be encouraged. So please share with us the 
> great experiences that you can think of.

My apologies for limiting the 'scope of the list'. Thank you Mani & Raghu
for pointing it out as well as for encouraging others to post bhakti
literature from North India.

Since I like bhajans a lot, I shall try and post some on the list. I will
try my hand at translating them too, though I neither have the knowledge
nor the bhaava (feeling) required for doing justice to them. 

I will follow the ITRANS 5.1 encoding scheme for the transliteration of

It is given below for reference:

Vowels (dependent and independent):
a      aa / A    i      ii / I     u       uu / U 
R^i    R^I       L^i    L^I
e      ai        o      au         aM      aH

k     kh     g     gh     ~N
ch    Ch     j     jh     ~n
T     Th     D     Dh     N
t     th     d     dh     n
p     ph     b     bh     m
y     r      l     v / w
sh    Sh     s     h      L
x / kSh     GY / j~n / dny     shr
R (for marathi half-RA)
L / ld (marathi LLA)

Consonants with a nukta (dot) under them (mainly for Urdu devanagari):
k  with a dot:      q
kh with a dot:      K
g  with a dot:      G
j  with a dot:      z
p  with a dot:      f
D  with a dot:      .D
Dh with a dot:      .Dh

Anusvara:       .n / M / .m  (dot on top of previous consonant/vowel)
Avagraha:       .a    (`S' like symbol basically to replace a after o)
Ardhachandra:   .c    (for vowel sound as in english words `cat' or `talk')
Chandra-Bindu:  .N    (chandra-bindu on top of previous letter)
Halant:         .h    (to get half-form of the consonant - no vowel -
Visarga:        H     (visarga - looks like a colon character)
Om:             OM, AUM (Om symbol)

Happy Holidays,