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From: Raghu Mudumba (
Date: Mon Dec 22 1997 - 08:19:48 PST


>>> I noticed that many messages have references to Tamil.  I am from
>>> Hariyana, and am totally ignorant of the Tamil language.

>You will not find many/any references to bhakti literature from
>North India - that discussion is considered outside the 'scope of this list'.

Bhakti is incessant love and hence knows no language.
To let others know what Bhakti can do and how great "it" is great
people/avatars have
passed on their experiences for the good of this world, in the form of
So if someone is willing to share the greatness of Bhakti (which is language
he or she should be encouraged. So please share with us the great experiences
you can think of.

A person can be an "authority" in a particular language but is never
the "owner" of a lanaguage. The first thing that needs to be shed before
even experiencing bhakti is "ego". "EGO" is a three lettered word which tells
"Experience God Otherwise". So if one can shed ego which can be any form- ego
to position, status, knowledge, language, birth, caste one can experience

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Jai Sreemannarayana
Raghuram r.d.