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fwd: Efficacy of the method of surrender

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Date: Thu Dec 18 1997 - 05:56:02 PST

Efficacy of the method of surrender

             Date: 18-12-1997 :: Pg: 24 :: Col: c 

             Cl: Religion 

             CHENNAI, Dec. 18. 

             Among the different methods recommended in
             the scriptures for realising God, the path of
             Self-surrender (Saranagati, Prapatti) is given
             the pride of place in the Srivaishnava tradition.
             The doctrine of Prapatti has been hailed at
             once as the most easy one to adopt and also
             difficult because the Prapanna must repose
             absolute faith in the Lord. The Acharyas of the
             tradition have established this doctrine on the
             authority of the scriptures and the epics. 

             One of the paradigmatic instances of Prapatti
             oft-quoted in the traditional works is the
             Vibhishana saranagati from the Ramayana. In
             Lanka the trail of destruction that Hanuman
             left after his visit there instilled fear in the
             hearts of the citizens. Ravana was rather
             ashamed but was also afraid of the havoc
             caused by a mere monkey and summoned his
             council of ministers and brothers to decide on
             the course of action. 

             In his discourse on the Ramayana Sri S. R.
             Raghottamachar said, Ravana's ministers
             praised his strength and valour counselling him
             that he should face Rama in the battlefield.
             Vibhishana instead advised his brother that he
             was in the wrong for having abducted Rama's
             wife, which was against Dharma. Further he
             pointed out that he had a formidable enemy in
             the person of Rama, for, even the envoy He
             had sent had caused so much destruction